BMW is working on a self-riding motorcycle that will help end human error, potentially. We are living in an era where the future of transportation is gearing towards electric, and automation for better or for worse.

Probably more astonishing than an automated car, a motorcycle that can not only ride itself but balance itself through turns is one I’ve never seen before.

This creation comes straight from BMW Motorrad, the division that’s responsible for engineering all of those great two-wheel machines out of BMW.

There isn’t a point of a motorcycle riding by itself down the road, so don’t think for a moment the machines are taking over.

With this forward-thinking development, BMW Motorrad, as a driver for technical innovations in the field of motorcycling, is by no means aiming for a completely independent motorbike.

Instead, what BMW Motorrad is doing here, is laying the foundation for the integration of advanced safety systems for riders.

Motorcyclists are often subject to some of the most horrific road accidents which either leaves the rider badly injured or deceased.

Many YouTube videos showcase how badly things can turn when a rider is struck by a vehicle.

What researchers are doing, is using technology to help motorists avoid accidents by detecting potential road hazards.

For example, onboard sensors can detect a swerving car, and gently apply the brakes, or veer out-of-the-way to avoid a severe collision.

How that will translate in feel for the rider is another story.

In what is essentially a BMW R 1200 GS, is now the company’s first autonomous motorcycle which was presented to the public earlier this month at the BMW Motorrad Techday 2018, located at the BMW testing grounds in Miramas, southern France.

We are most likely going to see the fruits of BMW’s labor trickle down into motorcycles very soon in various stages.

There’s no denying the intrigue this technology offers riders for a safer experience.

Systems that can detect and correct oversteer, avoid drops, and apply the brakes will either make the rider better or soften his/her skills as the reliance on technology increases.

It will be interesting to see how this translates into real-world safety, and lower insurance rates.

So how do you feel about the Autonomous riding R 1200 GS?