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Robotic vacuums are no longer a thing of the future, and with an ever-growing list of benefits, the ILIFE A4 Intelligent Robotic Smart Vacuum Cleaner and the ILIFE V7S Robot Vacuum Cleaner should be in your home now.

There are many uses to owning your own robotic vacuum, such as:

  1. They are great for people with mobility issues, serving as an inexpensive reliable replacement to a housekeeper.
  2. They can clean your home while you are at work!
  3. They have very little maintenance, no changing bags or emptying canisters.
  4. They can save you and your family time, just set it and go.
  5. They clean in hard to reach places like under the couch and behind TV’s and wall units.

The ILIFE smart vacuum does all that and more. It has a built-in anti-collision system, with OBS sensors that can intelligently prevent unwanted collisions and damage to your furniture.

With its 1000pa Super Suction, it’s suitable on all floor types, and can help you save more energy in your home and your time as well.

sweeping robot

The ILIFE Sweeping Robot has multiple cleaning modes:

  • Wet & Dry cleaning
  • Automatic cleaning
  • Border cleaning
  • Fixed-point cleaning
  • Make-an-appointment cleaning
  • Max cleaning
  • Mini-room cleaning

With a large coverage space of up to 180 – 200 square meters, and a very quiet motor, less than 65dB design, you can just set the automatic cleaning function and away it goes, you’ll forget it’s even there.

The ILIFE intelligent vacuum makes it all too easy to clean, with a built-in daily scheduler, you can plan each day when you want the robotic vacuum to start.

intelligent vacuum

This smart vacuum also has an Intelligent Drop avoidance IR sensors built-in detecting and avoiding gaps.

The slim design of the vacuum makes it easy to fit into narrow spaces. Being only 7.6 cm it can easily fit under most furniture and around corners.

It also comes with a remote control, 2 batteries are included, and it has 2 charging modes; automatic and manual with LED indicators that shows the status of the sweeping robot.

The ILIFE A4 Smart Robotic Vacuum Cleaner is the way to go, with tons of features while being easy on the pocket compared to other robotic vacuums on the market,it’s definitely worth a try.

For a limited time, the ILIFE A4, is on sale from $355.27 down to $149.99 with a 45-day money back guarantee and the ILIFE V7S is just only $156.99

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