Say bye to shaky smartphone videos, and hello to smooth cinematic-like shots with the FlowMotion One. It’s a smartphone stabilizer which includes an app that features auto-follow tracking, motion time-lapse settings.

The device isn’t much bigger than a can of pop and will fit into most pockets for easy portability and use.

The award-winning company FlowMotion is founded by Lars Flesland, Julie Bauge, Eirik Dyrseth and Didrik Dimmen in 2015, with offices in Palo Alto and Trondheim, Norway. These group of action seeking, tech geek, adventurers managed to bring something unique to the market which solves a problem by using a simple solution.

The main selling feature with the FlowMotion ONE is the promise of quickly capturing smooth videos with your smartphone through the utilization of a 3-axis stabilization gimbal. This device which only weighs 300 grams and has up to 3 hours of battery life looks like a promising seller.

Smartphone manufacturers cram as much of the latest technology as they can in mobile devices, but they have yet to figure out how to eliminate shakiness while capturing a video.

FlowMotion One

With the Auto Follow feature within the app, you only need to mark the subject to continually keep them in focus no matter how quickly they move.

Whether you place this device on any camera mount with your smartphone or attach it to your car or bike helmet, the built-in sensors and motors are designed to give you professional-grade footage every time.

It works for iOS & Android devices with Bluetooth technology and best of all with the KICKSTARTER Early Bird Special; it’s far cheaper than DJI’s Osmo which starts at $299 USD. The $169 USD perk is gone, leaving the $179 USD perk as the cheapest pledge with a reward.

Just head over to FlowMotion’s crowdfunding campaign if you want to grab one for yourself before the perks are gone.