Tradition Or Modern Trends?

Having a recipe for success that’s tried and proved is something you nurture and cherish. Changing that recipe for something new can be tricky. On one hand, you can fail and mess things up, while on the other hand, you can become even more successful. Well, Ferrari is in a similar situation with the addition of turbochargers to their latest supercar, the gorgeous Manzoni styled 488.

For those that are familiar with the brand’s roots and history, you’ll surely say that the most iconic model that ever came out Ferrari’s facilities is the legendary F40. You’d be right if you said that it also sported a twin-turbocharged V8.

Maybe Ferrari decided to go back to its roots of iconic sports cars, or better said supercars, and try to relive the fame. Maybe they’re just after the trend of downsizing and turbocharging. Whatever the case may be, one thing is certainly true. The 2019 Ferrari 488 Pista is a beast of a car.

Boost Up, Weight Down

The engineers at Ferrari decided to throw the Pista on a serious weight loss regime. The sound deadening is thinner, the bodywork is carbon-fiber front and back, so are the optional 22-inch wheels, which are a first for road-going Ferraris. 

The rear hatch is made of plastic instead of glass and the piece of glass that separates the driver and engine compartments is thinner, which allows for louder interior sounds.

The force-fed 3.9 liter flat-plane V8 heart, code-named F154CD, pushes out a healthy 710 hp thanks to the twin parallel twin-scroll IHI turbochargers, running at a whopping 21.6 PSI. The revised boost-by-gear control logic helps resolve lag issues and provide a linear supply of air to be stuffed inside the new carbon-fiber intake manifold.

488 pista engine

The character of 2019 Ferrari 488 Pista is accentuated by its unique sound, reminiscent of the V8 era Formula 1 cars. Aside from giving the Pista a characteristic high-pitched exhaust note, the Inconel headers also reduce weight by 21 pounds, compared to the stock unit.

The use of titanium, aluminum, and other high-end materials, combined with clever engineering help the Pista save 40 pounds just in the engine compartment. After all the weight shedding measurements, the 488 Pista has a curb weight of 3053 pounds, or if you like it more in the domain of dry weight, tips the scales at 2820 pounds.

Maximum Attack

Reaching the 60 mph mark in a blizzard fast 2.8 seconds and topping out at 211 mph, the 488 Pista certainly has supercar traits. The rapid acceleration is courtesy of lightweight forged titanium conrods, redesigned crank and flywheel, which together reduce rotational inertia by an impressive 17%, which in turn produces a snappier and rev happy engine.

The dual-clutch 7-speed Getrag sourced transaxle gearbox remained the same in terms of gear ratios, helping the Pista reach it’s drag-limited 211 mph top speed, but the internals had to be strengthened to survive the quick gear changes.

There are also numerous changes in the driving modes, mainly the go-fast one-Race Mode. Ferrari decided to implement it’s latest generation Side Slip Angle Control system into the 488 Pista’s brain network. Depending on how you drive, the clever SSAC system allows for 30 degrees of sideways angle.

There is also the CT-Off mode which is different from a full-off mode in the sense that it just turns off traction control, but it still keeps some assists.

The exterior also underwent a serious rethink. The Pista feature aero improvements which are heavily influenced by Ferrari’s motorsport department. At the front, you’ll find an F1-style S-Duct and three-piece splitter. Downforce is improved with the V-Shaped vented hood and an aggressive rear bumper. There is also a fixed ducktail wing, while the massive side vents help keep the engine cool.


Pista Means Track

We all know how Ferrari’s road-going versions are popular among the ones with money. But, the 488 Pista is a different kind of Ferrari. It’s meant to be driven. And driven hard.

I’ll reference the cliché phrase “race car for the road”, but this one is just that. Albeit, minus the cage and center lock wheels.

To round things up, sit back, volume up and enjoy the glorious sound of a 2019 Ferrari 488 Pista being properly trashed around the track.