The Chevrolet Spark is getting a price cut from General Motors, as demand is falling for its electric car for the past several months, as Gas prices have come down.

GM’s Chevrolet Spark is now down to $26,820 for the starting price, with a 39 month lease for just $159 per month APR. The Spark EV electric car, while efficient, can only travel roughly 82-100 miles on a single charge. These vehicles are sold in California, Oregon, Maryland and the price includes destination charges with federal and state tax credits pushing the price tag below $15,000.

An electric car uses one or more electric motors utilizing electric energy which is stored in rechargeable batteries. This results in an immediate benefit to the environment by reducing pollution significantly over the conventional gasoline engines. The biggest issues buyers have with electric cars, are the higher costs associated with them, and the scarce availability of public charging stations. Newer electric cars can charge to 80% in about half-hours time, but that still doesn’t fix the limited driving range issue which has some shoppers on the fence.

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These zero-emissions vehicles do cost automakers a lot to make leaving many wondering if this is even a profitable segment of the market to venture into for some automakers. With the latest discount, its doubtful that GM will make a profit on the Spark EV.

Tesla Model S

The ever popular Tesla Model is a EV done right. It has struck the right note for its target audience without a doubht. The 70D has all-wheel drive and can go 240 miles on a single charge and the P85D which is also all-wheel drive can travel a range of 253 miles. The company has a network of Supercharger stations throughout North America, conveniently located near shopping malls, restaurants and WiFi hot spots which will fully charge a Model S in minutes versus hours for competing rivals, all for free. But the price of entry will range between $70,000 to $105,000.

2015 Chevrolet Spark EV

There are many buyers who want an affordable option with these electric vehicles. The dismal range between charges for the Spark EV, leaves going on a long road trip a risky adventure for some. Finding charging stations can be a chore, so manufacturers producing vehicles for the budget shoppers are going to have to find a way to cut pricing and increase mile range to make these machines more attractive to the mainstream consumer.