That Car Podcast is a unique car enthusiast episodic series with an exciting approach in discussing the most important and relevant topics in the automotive and technology industry.

Mark Blackman, the founder of the podcast is U.S based and has always had a life-long passion for helping people understand the fundamental principles of automotive trends and technology.

Mark also brings his love and vast knowledge and enthusiasm for automotive technology by helping others to understand the fundamentals of buying that perfect car.

Those who have sought his help in choosing between vehicles have found his expert advice an important factor prior to their purchase.

Learning About Cars

Unlike many podcast programs available, That Car Podcast promises to excite its listeners as Mark interviews icons from the car and tech industry, asking them the hard questions.

The shows are raw and unscripted, and just about anything goes in this world of fun and mechanical tech.

As the automotive industry undergoes changes, understanding new developments and discoveries can sometimes be overwhelming.

We hear a lot about green technology and sustainable energy and what it means for our future.

While there are those who absolutely love what an electric vehicle future looks like, there are some who still value traditional cars which appeal to the enthusiast’s side.

Whether it’s an Aston Martin V12 Vantage S, the classic Porsche 959, Nissan GT-R and others, listeners will get to hear vital and timely information about the industry on That Car Podcast.

Reeves Callaway Episode

Reeves Callaway

A man who needs no introduction, Reeves Callaway is an engineering icon within the car industry. He’s the founder and creator of Callaway Cars.

Callaway Cars Inc. is a Specialist Constructor which re-engineers vehicles, designs, and constructs proprietary parts. They’re famous for their Corvette modifications and well-known for the Corvette Sledgehammer.

Mark, recently conducted a podcast interview with Mr. Callaway, where he was able to extract an enormous amount of knowledge within a single hour.

From Reeves’ humble beginnings to where the company is today, you’ll want to catch this podcast in its entirety.

When Mark asked Reeves about Tesla, I had an idea in my mind what he would say. Well, I was wrong.

You’ll find it interesting on his thoughts about what Elon is doing and has done.

Just click the link below to get the full episode with Mark Blackman and Reeves Callaway.

TCP 002: Reeves Callaway, Automotive Icon and Founder of Callaway Cars