Tesla is making its products more attractive by offering better conveniences to its customers in attempts to add more value. For companies that are looking to reduce certain operating costs, electric vehicles are a viable option to consider. To further cement its appeal among the masses, Tesla is offering a Workplace Charging Program which gives business the opportunity to charge their Teslas free.

This seems like a natural progression the company’s Supercharger, and Destination charging networks are popping up in more places across the country.

Companies must apply for the program to be accepted though. Unlike the Tesla’s Destination Charging Program, this new service is only for employees who work at the current approved location.

Organizations who are accepted will have Tesla’s wall charger installed at no cost on the premises.

It’s a beautiful little incentive for employees with a Tesla and helps to keep them invested in the car company for the long-term.

Since we spend the majority of our waking hours at work, what better place to keep your vehicle charging? It will undoubtedly take some of the worries when it comes to topping up those batteries throughout the day.

Once approved, only employees of the particular company may charge their vehicles, so mooching allowed.

Tesla Workplace-charging-program

Tesla delivered a statement to Electrek:

As Tesla’s fleet continues to grow, it is more important than ever for our customers to be able to easily charge their cars where they park. The most convenient way to charge is to plug in overnight at home, and for most people, this is all that is needed. For others, such as those who live in an apartment, Tesla is introducing its new Workplace Charging program. Charging at work is simple and convenient, just plug in and your car is charged by the time you’re done for the day.

For qualified employers or commercial property managers who choose to provide an EV charging option, Tesla will review, donate their Tesla Wall Connectors and provide installation assistance. Energy costs will be the responsibility of the property.

Continuous Charging

Qualcomm Halo Wireless Charging For EVs

The only thing better than having another charging station is to have your EV fully topped up all the time.

Canada’s own Electra Meccanica is working towards that realization by working with RICARDO to integrate Qualcomm Halo.

In the future wireless charging will become the standard, and wired solutions could become a thing of the past.

Continuous charging becomes possible while driving, as systems are integrated into our roadways to help this process.

It’s an idea that is already in motion and will revolutionize the way we travel. Companies envision a future where our vehicles are connected through a network, without the need for drivers, as automation will be the standard.

As customers, we hope that such advancements become affordable in ways that everyone can benefit from the technology.

Companies like Virgin, Uber, and Tesla are all experimenting with hyperloop as the preferred mode of transportation. It’s a popular concept that has all of us dreaming of the possibilities this will open.

For now, small business and large corporations can take advantage of Tesla’s Workplace program, which could help with employee retention.


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