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It’s not a case of mysophobia if you want to make sure day-to-day activities such as cooking and cleaning a little more hygienic than they typically are. In fact, your apprehension makes perfect sense. The average kitchen or bathroom sink, after all, is often a safe haven for harmful germs and bacteria that you wouldn’t want anywhere near your body.

Only if there was a device in your kitchen and bathroom sinks that help you get rid of the need to touch the handle while using a sink..!

Well, that’s precisely the problem innovation and technology company Techo aims to address with its new Autowater range of hands-free tap adapters. The name in itself is self-explanatory – Autowater brings you the convenience of automatic faucets right at home. Besides making washing hands or doing the dishes a lot more convenient, their smart tap adapter also does a pretty neat job in restricting the spread harmful germs.

Not just that, the product also helps prevent wastage of water by automatically shutting the water stream when the tap is not in use.

 Simple yet effective

Each Autowater adapter helps your ordinary manually-operated tap to metamorphosis into a “smart” tap. The product comes equipped with an infrared sensor that “feels” the presence of your hands when they approach it.

The adapter hosts two different sensors –one at the bottom and one on the side. The former delivers short bursts of water ideal for quick cleaning tasks such as washing your hands. The water-flow stops as soon as your hands are out of the range of the infrared radar.

The one on the side, meanwhile, delivers a steady stream of water that lasts much longer. More specifically, for the bathroom, the flow of water continues for around 45 seconds before automatically shutting off. For the kitchen sink, the water stream goes on for as long as 3 minutes before automatically shutting itself off, making it the more suitable choice while doing the dishes.

“Based on over 15 years experience in public sanitaryware products, we found our customers value luxury items, which make their lives easier at an affordable price. Our Autowater range is a stylish, smart home accessory for a household that wants to save water, time and prevent the spread of germs,” the company said in a statement.

In addition to being extremely practical, Autowater also flaunts a sleek design in a chic, Aluminum finish. It’s easy to use and comes with an adjustable aerator that allows you to change the anger of water flow.

The battery powering the device is efficient enough to guarantee a run time of 8 to 10 months on moderate usage. The battery can be charged using Wi-Fi connectivity, which is a huge advantage in itself.

Techo launched an Indiegogo crowdfunding campaign on Dec 12 with the goal of raising $10,000 which, the company says, will help it during the mass production of the new innovation.

Visit the Techo website for further information on the various Autowater smart specs and features.