It is incredible to think about how far the humble car has come since the late 1800s. The first stationary gasoline engine which was developed by Carl Benz certainly looked a lot different than what we have today. We have an abundance of choices when choosing our vehicles. Gas, hybrid, and electric are the most popular options buyers are faced with in 2018. But as we seemingly have a never-ending supply of cars to drive, all of which can be suited to your lifestyle, there is one aspect that is seeing a slow but inevitable change, and that is in the way we buy our cars.

Mainly, if you are looking to buy a new or used certified vehicle, most likely you will visit a dealership to browse their inventory.

While that is the most common way that we go about looking for a ride, there is an emerging trend surfacing that potentially could one day replace the need to physically visit the dealership.

Since eCommerce is rapidly expanding, we are seeing more vehicles being offered online.

It’s not a new phenomenon by any means, as the majority of the big automotive dealerships have always allowed you to visit their website to customize and purchase your vehicle.

Popular sites like eBay, Kijiji, and Craigslist all have buyers and sellers looking for the best deals.

For many dealerships that haven’t caught on to the trend, the only thing that’s staring them in the face is an empty lot and the possibility of going out of business.

Car Buying Business

The Internet has changed the game because buyers are savvy online shoppers with a keen sense of spotting a great deal.

Buyers can also check reviews on a particular company through their mobile device. So as a dealer, this means your potential customer already has a background check about your operations.

Having an updated website, competent sales and support staff aren’t the only things you as a dealer need to manage. You need the proper dealer licensing requirements to protect your bottom line. An auto dealership needs to have a dealer bond which is a pre-licensing condition to stay compliant with the law to sell cars. JW Surety Bonds is America’s No. 1 Surety Service for vehicle dealers. Their comprehensive guide continues to help business of all sizes to meet the necessary state requirements.

Last month, new car sales rose by some 4.7 percent. If you’ve paid attention to this blog, you know that SUV, light trucks, and crossovers make up the bulk of demand despite soaring gas prices.

Not only is technology changing the car buying business, but it’s also allowing us to become more connected to our vehicles.

You can bet that many of the new cars and trucks that were sold last month feature Android Auto, Apple CarPlay, and all the connectivity options you can think of.

Car manufacturers have apps for vehicles which can start your engine, connect to Wi-Fi, connect to support which is the case for OnStar. We are entering an age where autonomy is at the forefront. Hackers can comprise systems and sabotage brakes from a living room sofa.

Technology is not only changing the way we buy cars but how we use them. We are in the age of hyper-connectivity, and there is no slowing down. If you run a car business and you are not catching up to the times, then you might as well thrown in the towel. It could be that one day the machines may not need us, with the way things are going, and we might find ourselves with the short end of the tech stick.Sponsored

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Eric Weisbrot
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