Are We Addicted To Our Technology?

Do you ever notice how much we check our text messages, emails and notifications on  our devices. Technology has advanced so much in these past years that we now have an overwhelming amount of tech at our disposal. It seems most of us cannot get enough of our gadgets that we often find ourselves checking our text messages at the most insane moments. Ex, walking and texting, texting and driving which should not be done, sleeping beside our phones and yes! even using the bathroom and emailing or texting. If you have ever found your self  doing the above said you may have a technology addiction. We have become a generation glued to technology to the point where even our own children as small as two years old, know how to pick up an iPhone and play with it. 38% of young children under the age of 2 use mobile devices and  By the age of 8, 72% of children have used some form of a smartphone, tablet and so on.

Technology Learning



Technology is useful and beneficial when used properly, especially for educational purposes, such as schools, hospitals and so forth. But for some of us, we have gotten to a point where our devices allow us to become disconnected with the people around us. Some would rather a text than to receive a phone call where we can actually talk to someone. Some of us cannot even go to the bathroom without checking our emails, and browsing the web. Do we need some separation?

Smart technologies are the wave of the future, with companies researching and investing into the sector. Google Glasses may soon be almost on everyone’s face in the next few years depending on how well received they are to the general public. You can check emails, get navigation and all without having to flip through a mobile screen. If Google Glass or any other similar technologies replace smartphones and tablets in the near future, will we see people wearing smart glasses to bed, driving and even the bathroom. It may sound a little funny, but it could become a reality.

Technology is always changing and the things that were once expensive are now cheaper and more affordable today than they were. Gadgets are great on their own, but it is important to draw a line somewhere so that our social life is not impacted by it. We have Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn etc that can tie up our time unnecessarily. They can be great tools when used effectively as long as we set some limits for ourselves. There will always be a new gadget to open our pocket books continually to keep us connected to technology