Here we go again. Apple has just added two more ads to their ‘Switch to iPhone’ arsenal. The ads, as you would expect is Apple’s reasoning for users to switch from Android to iPhone.

Apple Ad 1: App Store

The first ad shows how Apple provides better security to their iPhones compared to all the other phones in the market right now.

The ad features a split-screen setup with “Your Store” on one side and “App Store” on the other. Both the stores have a set of app icons lined up. A woman appears on the frame and takes one of the icons from the “Your Store” shelf. And needless to say, things don’t go very well. As soon as she gets the icon on her hand, it explodes and blows blue powder on her face.

Then, she moves on to the “Apple Store” shelf and picks up an icon from the shelf. Right at that moment, the entire shelf on the “Your Store” collapses and the word “safer” comes up.

Have a look at the video yourself:

Apple Ad 2: Amazing Portraits

The second 15-second ad is all about the superior camera technology found on the iPhone (at least that’s what Apple thinks).

Just like the first ad, this one too is split into two halves. There’s a young woman featured on each of the frames. On the left is “Your Phone” taking ordinary photos while the right features an “iPhone” taking phones using the Portrait Lightning feature. The woman on the left, unable to resist such an amazing feature, moves from “your phone” into the “iPhone” frame for amazing studio-like shots.

Both the ads are 15-seconds long and direct you to Switch from Android to iPhone page. These videos are placed on Apple’s YouTube Playlist, “iPhone- Why Switch”.

Click down below to view the Ad:

Should You Switch From Android To iPhone?

It depends. Android and iOS are both great platforms and each has its pros and cons. It all comes down to how you use your phone.

Why Buy An Android Phone?why-buy-android-techmalak

With Android, what you are getting is freedom. You can customize your phone the way you want to. Also, Android has come a long way. The Android phones, today, are just as zippy as iPhones and tend to run apps just as well.

What’s more? You can get Android phones for far less money. There are phones that match the specs of the iPhone X that can be had for less than half the money. It won’t be true, however, if Apple launches the rumored low-cost iPhone X this year. But until then, my statement remains true.

The other reason why you may get an Android phone is the number of options you have. If you don’t like the design of the iPhone 8 or the iPhone X, you are done for. You don’t have any other options. But with Android, you can select smartphones from countless manufacturers. And that’s where Android really shines.

Why Buy An iPhone?android vs ios

If you are someone who prefers things clean and simple, iPhone may be the one to go for. The other reason why you would choose an iPhone over any other phone is the support you get after purchasing the phone.

Both software support and after-sales service are much better on the iPhone. What’s more? Apple tends to provide software support to its devices for a longer period of time. For instance, the iPhone 5s, which was released back in 2013 is still getting the latest version of iOS. The same cannot be said about any of the Android phones.