It may seem obvious, but so many of us love great stories. Storytelling has been around since the beginning of mankind and continues to be a popular medium of communication.

The powerful impact, a well-crafted story has on the mind, is profound in its own right.

Think about the last time you listened to a webinar or sat through a presentation.

Ask yourself, why are some presenters engaging, and why are others no-less then memorable?  It all boils down to a story.

Hiding behind a logo, or a bunch of marketing fluff doesn’t cut it anymore.

In 2019 and beyond, the best companies are those that are relatable.

People want to buy from people and not machines.

As much as A.I and Machine Learning have been the rage, for these past several years, simple human interaction is where it’s at.

We all want to see the human side of a brand.

Influential Brands

Apple Inc.

Apple 1984 Commercial

Remember the story of Apple co-founders Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak?

One, a bright visionary, and the other a skilled engineer and hard-core programmer.

Jobs and Wozniak started their business out of a garage, which turned out to be one of the world’s most valuable company.

Apple crafted a masterful brand narrative in attempts to cultivate true freedom, from the autocratic slave-mind state that was Microsoft at the time with their monopoly.

The company’s famous 1984 commercial, which referenced George Orwell’s 1984, propelled Apple into mainstream consciousness with a superhero like prowess.


stickeryou decals

Canadian-made StickerYou was founded in 2008, after Andrew Witkin was inspired by the creative sticker art culture, exploding out of L.A.

Seeing inspiring slogans, and colorful decals in the most intricate of crevices and corners, impacted Witkin in such a way, that he had to create a company off of the very idea.

He created a business model that allowed people to represent and express their creativity much in the same way as those did in L.A.

The linchpin became the Internet as we know it today.

StickerYou’s humble beginnings started by using a single machine and a simple web widget to offer customized designs to kids and cartoon enthusiasts at an affordable price.

Now, a decade later, this Canadian stalwart is an influential e-commerce trendsetter, using innovative die-cut and automation technology to create customized stickers, decals, iron-ons, badges, patches, labels, magnets and more for expanding B2C and B2B markets in orders of one, or hundreds of thousands.

Endy Sleep

Endy Sleep matress

Acquired by Sleep Country Canada, Endy Sleep was founded by Mike Gettis and Rajen Ruparell.

By studying the meaning of words and their origins, the two co-founders took a page from Greek mythology.

With a little bit of research, Endy comes from Endymion, who was mythological Greek Shepherd, who always maintained his youthfulness by sleeping.

Hence, and inspiration for Endy Sleep entire product line. They have one of the most comfortable mattresses on the market, backed by a 100-night trial.

As a suffer from sleep apnea, the benefits of a decent night’s rest can’t be overstated enough.

By taking to the Internet, Endy Sleep provides front-door delivery in a one-style fits all philosophy.

And best of all, Endy Sleep’s mattresses are made right here in Canada.

We All Love Stories

The most successful brands are those that can effectively connect with their audience.

What makes a brand story engaging, is its personal touch, backed by an alignment with core human values.

We all love to hear stories of companies which started off in an apartment on a shoe-string budget, only to make it big several years later.

Alibaba is of one such example. Founder, Jack ma, loves to tell his startup story about running his e-Commerce company for years, without making a profit.

After much trial and tribulation, Alibaba is an e-Commerce force to be reckoned with and has a near-absolute monopoly in Asia.

Starting a company is easy, but growing one succesfully takes time and persistence.

Most of the time, we never see the struggles and pitfalls a company goes through in order to get where they are today.

If you are a brand, take the time to tell your story. Never underestimate the impact and value it may have on your target audience.

It just very well may bridge the gap between loyalty and profitability.

Matthew Barnes
Loves all things tech. He's a musician, writer, and founder of Techmalak.