We’re witnesses to the immense growth of e-Commerce businesses, but we rarely dig under the cover to find out what it takes to be a successful business on the web. Often, we think these businesses are run from someone’s home since it’s all on the magically connected internet. That is true for a select number of small startups, but for someone such as StickerYou, that’s certainly not the case.

Going Back To Business Roots

Since online marketplaces are getting more and more filled with new businesses and stiffer competition, it now becomes more critical than ever for these companies to advertise their products and services to get in front of the right audience.

There’s no doubt about the rising dominance of e-Commerce in 2019 and the sheer impact it is having on the global marketplace. Online shopping is the way more of us are choosing to make our purchases.

We’ve all been there, visiting a webpage dominated by intrusive ads. You know, those autoplay videos that nearly all of us hate, they have become a necessary evil of the Internet.

It all comes down to companies trying to capture our attention in the best way they think possible. e-Commerce relies heavily on ads; it’s just the nature of the beast.

But a new trend is emerging in 2019, and only a handful of online companies are making use of this unique approach.

Well, not entirely unique, but rather a step back to old-fashion grass-roots business.

And that is my friends, taking an online operation offline, back to a brick-and-mortar operation.

Enter StickerYou!

StickerYou Brick Mortar
Image Credit: shopify.com

StickerYou is a global e-Commerce leader in producing customizable made to order die-cut stickers, labels, iron-ons, and temporary tattoos. StickerYou will be among the e-Commerce pioneers of brick and mortar businesses in 2019 and beyond.

To those unfamiliar to the term brick and mortar, it means that StickerYou will be moving into a physical building while maintaining their strong online presence. By doing that, they will become North America’s first dedicated sticker store. It’s going to change the way online marketplaces operate soon.

StickerYou Keeps One Step Ahead

However, that’s not the only significant change to how online marketplaces work. Just like we went back to our roots with having businesses in the actual building, we’re stepping into the future with a term StickerYou coined: manutech.

Manutech represents every manufacturing process that’s based around the consumer’s needs, rather than doing what the manufacturer wants.

That means that the production will not be limited to the manufacturer’s production line. You’ll be able to own something made just for you at an affordable price for a truly customizable experience.

StickerYou Stickers
Image Credit: stickeryou.com

StickerYou has operated under the manutech concept since its foundation over a decade ago. They became the first e-Commerce business to offer their customers a completely customizable, high-quality die-cut stickers.

StickerYou has grown into one of the industry leaders in the sticky printing world, and their presence continues to grow at a rapid pace.

The Manutech Switch

The manutech trend comes at an exciting, yet logical time. We live in an era where all it takes is a few swipes on your mobile device to order something online and have it shipped to your front door in a matter of days.

Custom stickers and labels are one of the best ways to stand out from the crowd. No matter the occasion, event, or business needs, Order in any size, any die-cut shape, and any quantity from StickerYou and experience the advantage of personalization.

StickerYou is a pretty freaking powerful platform to get acquainted with. Custom labels and stickers aren’t just for the pros; anyone can take advantage of them. With fast turnaround times and affordable prices, this Canadian company continues to set trends.