Steam is one of the biggest platforms for VR Gaming with the most extensive library of games. It also supports a plethora of controllers. While it may sound great on the surface, it’s not easy for the developers to adapt their games to all of these controllers. To fix this issue, Steam has just launched the SteamVR Input System. 

SteamVR Input allows users to build custom binding configurations for individual games, even for controllers that didn’t exist when the game was launched. The cool thing about this new feature is that users can now set these controls to suit. Not a right-handed gamer? Well, you can now manually configure your controller and switch the right and left-hand controls. Not only that, this feature allows people with disabilities to configure the controllers according to their needs.

steam-steamvr-input-binding-configurations-techmalakAlso, after you build a new binding configuration, and if you think it’s better than the one designed by the game developer, you can easily share it with other users via the Steam Workshop.

The new SteamVR Input System is a win-win situation for both the gamers and developers. For developers, they can offer default bindings for each controller type along with alternate bindings without having to push new game updates.

This is an update to the Steam platform. So, even if the developer hasn’t updated their application, users will be able to benefit from the new system.

All of the configurations can be done using the fairly easy to use controller binding settings available in Headset under the Settings menu.


Mind you, the SteamVR is a feature that is still in Beta. So, if you want to try this new level of customization, you have to head into the preferences menu and opt-in the Beta Build of SteamVR.

Even though this new system is in its Beta, it works as it should without any bugs or crashes according to a few reports.

Have you tried the SteamVR Input yet? If so, do leave a comment down below to share your experience. And if you haven’t, you definitely should!