You might not know the name STARSLIDER because it’s a new KICKSTARTER campaign. This modular motorized camera slider looks like something video creators should have in their arsenal and I’m considering pledging towards this campaign.

Many companies are manufacturing great camera gear with solid build qualities. As a new entrant into the market, it can be hard to stand out among the competition especially when there’s so many of them.

STARSLIDER is one such manufacturer that seeks to make a name for itself by offering an all-in-one solution to satisfy video professionals.

My initial thought was that this is just another knockoff. But as I began to read the product description, I realize that it’s not just the same old run of the mill, it’s a convenient and practical product.

Instead of buying a fluid head to put on the slider and a motor kit, STARSLIDER comes with everything you need to capture complex and multi-angle shots due to its modular nature.

Starslider is not only a camera gear but also an entire ecosystem of professional video equipment. Our goal was to realize the perfect bundle, capable of satisfying any videomaker’s needs in terms of camera movements: from a simple manual control to triple motorization control. It enables you to produce complex shootings or timelapse easily, thanks to the simplest remote control you already have in the pocket: your smartphone!

There are options to set preset transitions through the free mobile app, providing smooth and consistent movement, allowing for enhanced creativity for scenes. You can also preview a transition on the app and edit certain points and save them.

STARSLIDER Motorized Camera Slider

When it comes to filmmaking on a budget, a rail system with an entire camera rig may be out of the question. Not to mention the time and human resources it takes to run one, like those on big budget movie sets.

That’s where sliders come in handy, and they fill that gap for the aspiring filmmaker. The makers of STARSLIDER say in just 2 minutes you can connect your mobile phone to the camera rig and start to take excellent shots.

They have taken to crowdfunding to get the prototype to the production stage. It looks like a great product and one that could potentially save videographers time and money. There are just nine days left in the KICKSTARTER campaign, and hopefully, this project gets fully funded. STARTSLIDER looks like a promising solution for creating stunning shots easily with your smartphone.