Most of us realize that healthy living is something that’s for our benefit, yet we still strive for fast food, sugar-filled fizzy drinks, and other unhealthy dietary choices. We’ve become addicted to the release of endorphins, also known as the feel-good hormone. We’ve become used to consuming carbonated drinks in one form or another.

We rarely look at the actual chemical and calorie contents of the things that go into our bodies.

However, there is a light at the end of the tunnel, and that light, at least for those that adore carbonated drinks, is called Spärkel Carbonator 

Spärkel Carbonator – A Natural Drink Carbonation System

Spärkel Beverage Mix
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Spärkel Beverage Systems, an innovative Canadian-based company, came up with a brilliant solution to please your carbonated sweet tooth desires.

Instead of using additives and unhealthy artificial flavors to bring out the explosive taste in their fizzy drinks, Spärkel’s solution is entirely natural. 

The core of this home-carbonation system is the Spärkel Carbonator,  a compact dishwasher-safe device that fits on your countertop.

Instead of using off-the-shelf CO2 canisters or carbonated water systems, the Spärkel Carbonator uses specially blended sachets that naturally generate safe levels of C02 gas.

Carbon dioxide is naturally found in the atmosphere. This colorless, odorless, and tasteless gas is safe under 400 parts per million.

The brilliance is hidden in a unique mix of citric acid and sodium bicarbonate, which generates bubbles once placed in a sealed container.  

Carbonation Level Overload

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As you cycle the gas-generating mix through the system for at least 90 seconds, the liquid found in the Carbonator’s drink bottle gets bubbly and, well, sparkly fresh.

Depending on the type of drink profile you are after, a minimum of 90 seconds is what you need to cycle the mix for.

You can choose from a variety of mixes, from fresh watermelon water to various natural fruity flavors.

The shortest interval is 90 seconds, and with that, you get a relaxing and refreshing level one carbonated drink.

If you’re a fan of more bubbles, then cycle the mix for a couple of minutes until you get to a level five.

The time intervals are, of course, pre-set, so all you have to do is select the level of carbonation. 

The Spärkel Carbonator also allows you to customize your drink fully. Want bubbly mint tea? You got it.

Want gentle flowing bubbles through your morning juice mix? It’s done.

The possibilities are endless and, more importantly, free of any harmful additives found in commercial drinks.

Spärkel’s method also helps to reduce waste since there are no canisters that need to be returned.

It greatly enhances the taste and allows you to stay natural.

There’s also no need to go to the store to get the sachets, as Spärkel offers an auto-ship service that delivers them to your door. 

Disappointment Generates The Best Ideas

The Spärkel Carbonator project started after CEO, Darren Hatherell, was left disappointed by the lack of customization that was available in current home carbonation devices.

After a successful crowdfunding campaign of 2,284 backers on Indiegogo, it became apparent that demand for Spärkel was there.

We North Americans love our beverages. The global non-alcoholic beverage sales for 2018 was over $900bn.

The demand for beverages remains high across the board, but more importantly, we are seeing an increasing number of brands such as Sparkel Beverage Systems disrupting the carbonated beverage market.

Spärkel is now on sale for $100 website or Amazon. 

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