When there is an emergency, the best course of action is to react quickly and calmly. Business owners realize this more than most people, especially for brick and mortar stores. Emergency situations come in all shapes and sizes, but when one happens, how can an intelligent warning system help save lives?

The primary function of an alarm is to alert everyone in its vicinity of any possible dangers.

The technology that powers them continues to change.

Rather than using a bell or siren that gets triggered by smoke, fire or whatever else it is supposed to pick up, many new warning systems are doing much more.

Some new smoke detectors use smart technology to help minimise the damage done by fire to buildings.

Using analytics

Nest Protect

Smart smoke detectors are gradually being introduced into some countries around the world.

In Singapore, all new homes being built will be legally required to have smoke detectors; some of which use smart technology.

Algorithms created with the use of analytics are becoming popular, and the rest of the world is catching on.

The use of analytics and other forms of data plays a significant role in making buildings safer. Some of the more basic warning systems might not be able to pick up smoke, carbon monoxide, natural gas, and radiation immediately.

If they stop working, there is a possibility that a critical event becomes unavoidable, potentially causing irreversible damages.

Aside from using data to spot smoke instantly, smart warning systems can also be operated remotely.

Some are WiFi-capable and can be controlled by your mobile device. They can send email alerts to business owners in case smoke or fire is detected.

These detectors can also connect to your smart home hub, such as the Amazon Echo. They can silence a detector instantly in the event of a false alarm, e.g., burning food.

Through the use of an app, users can connect to the hub, where event notifications can be sent to those that are synced with the network, therefore, adding a certain level of redundancy to increase reliability.

This does, however, need to work alongside other parts of the warning system for increased levels of safety.

Anyone who takes fire safety seriously should do all they can to integrate a smart warning system.

If used properly, smart technology can simplify the process of spotting danger and limit any potential damage.

Just about anyone can take advantage of these smart warning systems. In fact, products such as Nest Protect have been available to consumers for the past few years. It’s easy to use, and the price is reasonable when considering the benefits.


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