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Small Package, Enormous Power : The Elaphe L1500 In-Wheel Motor

We’re facing a serious issue regarding global warming and the use of fossil fuels for vehicle propulsion. To combat the growing pollution, EVs are at the forefront of the green revolution, but they’re still far from obtainable for the majority of users.

Elaphe Propulsion Technologies has unveiled something that could potentially make EVs much more affordable. It’s the Elaphe L1500 in-wheel motor and it’s quite interesting.

The Advanteges Of In-Wheel Motors

In-wheel motors are nothing new or revolutionary on their own, albeit they’ve been getting more attention in recent years. If the term in-wheel is new to you, it’s basically the same as hub motors.

Generally speaking, hub mounted electric motors require a chassis that’s essentially built around them.

Special hubs, special suspension, special everything. However, compared to inboard mounted motors, I find hub motors far superior. 

Hub motors help with space savings and give designers a lot of creative freedom.

Per item, they are much lighter than inboard motors.

There’s no need for a differential, axles of prop shafts for that matter and it’s much easier to power the drive wheels.

Just fit a motor behind the wheel you want, and you’re all set.

Torque Vectoring
Image Credit : in-wheel.com

Torque vectoring is a major concern as well, but with hub motors is easily controlled by varying the power levels of each motor.

The Elaphe L1500 Is Something Else

What differs the Elaphe L1500 from the rest on the market is the way it’s used.

The L1500 retains all of the above, but is also intended as an upgrade to your run-of-the-mill fossil fueled companion. Why? Well because you can mount it over standard knuckles, with the brakes remaining sandwiched between the hefty rotor and stator.

Performance wise, the L1500 is no joke. Yes, the 110kW figure may not sound that impressive to those who like horsepower, but electric motors are incredible when it comes to torque.

1100 lb-ft is the torque output of this compact powerhouse. And that’s per motor.

The torque figure produced is brute force since the Elaphe in-wheel motor is direct drive. No gears, no torque multipliers, just pure power made with electricity.

Elaphe L1500 Mounting
Image Credit : in-wheel.com

As with almost all EVs and hybrids, the Elaphe powered vehicles will benefit from regenerative braking.

The motor is also compatible with every drivetrain layout out there.

Front, rear, all wheel drive, you name it, the L1500 can do it as long as the rims are at least 19-inches, due to the size of the rotor.

Cost-Effective And Seamless

Our technology enables manufacturers to design and produce electric or hybrid vehicles rapidly and cost-effectively without compromise to their existing vehicle architectures or complex packaging. The technology also integrates seamlessly with autonomous driving applications, providing feedback data, unprecedented responsiveness and enhanced vehicle controllability.” said Elaphe CEO, Gorazd Lampič.

Elaphe L1500 Arm
Image Credit: in-wheel.com

There’s no mention of the battery capacity requirements or voltage on which the system runs. I assume those specifics will see the light of day once the production starts in the fourth quarter of this year.

The Verdict

I think this is something a lot of people will benefit from. Just imagine the endless possibilities of the system.

For me, the idea of having a hybrid or even a full EV that looks, drives and feels like the car I already own, with just a couple of mods is something I quite like.

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