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In the day-to-day operations of business, PowerPoint presentations are of paramount importance. However, using PowerPoint alone to make creatively intuitive and spectacular presentations often proves to be a road with many heckles. It is because not everyone is equipped with professional designing skills from the get-go.

There is a way in which one can create PowerPoint presentations that impress regarding visual appeal without diving into complicated and cumbersome designing tutorials. The desired result can be achieved by using the pre-designed slides and PowerPoint templates available at

Earth Core Diagram PowerPoint template

When you start making a PowerPoint presentation, even if you have all the required source material at your disposal, you are likely to have no idea how to present it. That’s where presentation templates come to the rescue. They act as the required graphics assets that drastically speed up the workflow. Consequently, by making use of the PowerPoint templates, data and charts, maps, pictures, shapes, template background, diagrams, and timelines available at SlideModel, you get a roadmap as well as the required tools to design your important powerpoint presentation.

How are the templates at SlideModel any more helpful than the built-in tools in Microsoft PowerPoint?

Even though Microsoft offers a considerably vast catalog of presentation templates and other design tools to choose from, you will eventually feel that it is limited to some extent. In a business entity, PowerPoint presentations are a daily affair. So, you will soon exhaust the resources provided by Microsoft PowerPoint itself as you’ll have no idea how to make the most of them.

Editable PowerePoint presentation templates - 100% Editable

However, if you have an additional catalog of presentations designs, graphics, and clip arts, etc. at your disposal, the possibility of running out of designing resources is eliminated. A typical PowerPoint user will not think of the dozen possibilities in which the design elements available in PowerPoint can be used to create useful templates. But, the premium catalog of design templates available on stems entirely from the built-in shapes in PowerPoint. The number of slide designs available on the website exceeds a thousand. On top of that, they are completely editable.

What’s in it for bloggers?

The resources available at SlideModel are not exclusive for PowerPoint users only. Bloggers pursuing their creative endeavors on WordPress can also make use of the various design tool present on the website. As a blogger, you will need original assets like copyright-free images. You can get them from multiple sources on the internet and edit them in the computer application you’re familiar with.

Business Launch Image for PowerPoint

However, there is a workaround available with SlideModel. You can download the templates from the website and edit them in PowerPoint or Google Slides without hassle. Subsequently, you can export the required assets for the template as JPG or PNG files and make use of them as cover images for your blog posts or to decorate your articles with visually-appealing diagrams or designs. This way, you get the best of both worlds; the resourcefulness of PowerPoint templates as well as the availability of images like in a stock photo website.

What key-features make SlideModel special?

By making use of editable map templates for PowerPoint available on SlideModel instead of using online resources like Google Maps API. The level of customization available in the editable maps is unmatched when compared to other alternatives. Bloggers, specifically, can design the editable maps in such a way that they fit right in with the overall theme of the blog post.

In the making business-oriented presentations, charts and tables play a pivotal role. SlideModel offers a plethora of organizational charts to choose from. You can find the most complicated diagrams required for the making the presentation of your needs on the websites. Multi-level circular charts are another great way of presenting information on PowerPoint presentations. They are readily available on SlideModel as well.

Creative Dashboard template for PowerPoint presentations

Statistics are a vital element of business-oriented PowerPoint presentations. Let’s say you want to deliver a presentation on the company’s sales growth in the past six months. You will quite naturally want to state some numbers and fact to make your point. The best way to put that information through on PowerPoint is to make use of statistical graphics like graphs, waves, and pie-charts. SlideModel offers such creative assets to get you going. The data-structure layouts available on the website will help you in a significant way when you’re dealing with statistics.

Why choose SlideModel?

When you browse for presentation templates on, you can choose from a range of categories and topics, including:

  • Business PowerPoint templates
  • Dashboard and Infographics for presentations
  • Creative business layouts and business-model diagrams
  • And more…

Every category has some templates to choose from, and each template includes multiple slides with variations and creative layouts to use. The broad spectrum of choices available put SlideModel in a favorable position compared to other alternatives in the market.

The catalog on is continuously expanding with new presentation templates every day. Owing to the emergence of new design trends, the gallery keeps updating itself. Therefore, SlideModel is always a breath of fresh air for consistent users. The templates available on SlideModel are not set in stone. You can make your adjustments to the content as per your preferences. You can change colors so that they match the overall theme of your presentation. You can also add further content like logos and pictures.

With the availability of design templates on the website, customising PPTs has never been any easier. Thus, SlideModel is a great asset to have in your arsenal while creating PowerPoint presentations. Creating a unique presentation is an art, let SlideModel be of your help in the professional journey.

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