Now that we know what the Samsung Galaxy Note 10 has to offer, you may be drawn to buy it immediately. But, I suggest you wait. The iPhone 11 launch is less than a month away and recent leaks suggest that the new phone will see a major camera update alongside other tempting changes. With this information on hand, should you buy the Galaxy Note 10 or wait for the iPhone 11? Let’s find out.

Galaxy Note 10 vs iPhone 11: What’s different?

Apple will be launching three iPhones next month- the iPhone 11R, iPhone 11 and iPhone 11 Max. To put things into perspective, the iPhone 11 will compete with the Galaxy Note 10 while the iPhone 11 Max will compete with the Galaxy Note 10+. The phones match not only in terms of features but also in terms of pricing.

Unlike most of the Android phones which cost a lot less than an iPhone, the Galaxy Note 10 costs $949 which is just as pricey as the iPhone XS. The Note 10+ costs $1099, the same price as that of the iPhone XS Max. If we are to believe the rumors, the new iPhones will cost the same as their predecessors. So, pricing clearly is not going to be the differentiating factor while choosing between the two.

note-10-plus-vs-iphone-11-maxHowever, if you are someone who sells their phone in a year or two, you may want to consider an iPhone. iPhones hold their value significantly longer compared to Samsung (or any other Android) phones. If you were to buy the iPhone XS and Note 9 at the same time last year and sell it today, you would be getting roughly $250 less for the Samsung phone.

But when you look at both the phones as a complete package, the Galaxy Note 10 may be a better buy. The phone saw a major overhaul when compared to its predecessor. The larger Note 10+ gets 4 cameras at the back and comes with 12GB of RAM.

Even the base storage is now 256GB. If that wasn’t enough, the Note 10+ battery is now larger at 4300mAh.

It doesn’t matter to the average consumer whether you go for the Galaxy Note 10 or the Note 10+, you will be getting one of the most powerful phones out in the market. These phones should last for several years without any hiccups or slowdowns.

Even though the iPhone 11 isn’t out officially, we already know a lot about the phone. In terms of the design, there’s not much to report. From the front, the iPhone 11 will look identical to its predecessor. The back of the phone is what separates the iPhone 11 from the iPhone XS. Thanks to the triple rear camera setup, you will immediately be able to distinguish between the two.

Like every year, we expect to see a bump in CPU and GPU performance on the new iPhones. With Apple’s custom CPU and GPU in conjunction with unmatched software optimization, you can expect the new iPhones to outshine the Note 10 in terms of app load times. However, with 12GB of RAM on board, the Samsung flagship should be able to keep apps in the background longer.

Why I Think It’s Best To Wait For The New iPhone 11

If you are heavily invested in the Apple ecosystem, I recommend you to wait for the launch of the iPhone 11. While many of the design and key specs have leaked, there are still a few things that we don’t know.

There are rumors that the new iPhone will come with a 25% larger battery that is charged via USB-C.

iOS 13 beta, shows some much-needed improvement in what we will see in the iPhone 11. Sometimes software can make up for a significant enhancement in the user experience.

While the Galaxy Note pre-booking deals may be tempting, waiting for a while is more reasonable. After all, Samsung phones are popular for being dramatically cheaper after just a few months of launch.