Earlier this week, Apple launched the iPad 10.2 at the 2019 Keynote event. Priced at $329, the new entry-level iPad seems to be a solid value for the money. But even then, there are a few things about it that are plain disappointing.

The Negatives

Image source: Pocket Lint

Let’s start with the negatives first. Apple has an excellent track record of putting a powerful System on Chip (SoC) on their mobile devices. But for some reason, Apple decided to put a 3-year A10 SoC on their 2019 iPad.

Don’t get me wrong. The iPad, even with its old CPU and GPU, can run most apps and games without any issues.

If you are not buying the iPad 10.2 primarily for gaming, you won’t find the performance limiting. The tablet pretty much runs all the apps on the App Store smoothly.

However, the hardware shows its age while playing modern titles like Fortnite and PUBG Mobile.

The Positives

ipad-10.2-worth-money-329The 7th Generation iPad 10.2 is larger than the predecessor and runs on the newly launched iPad OS.

With a larger 10.2-inch screen and desktop-like operating system, the iPad seems closer to replacing a laptop more than ever. The new OS now supports mouse input and has advanced multi-taking capabilities.

If that wasn’t enough, the new iPad also comes with a Smart Connector. It’s the same connector that is found on the 2017 iPad Pro and the 2018 iPad Air (3rd generation). When you get an iPad case, make sure it doesn’t cover the smart connectors.

Using the connector, you can hook your iPad to the Apple Smart Keyboard Cover.

However, don’t get overly excited. The Keyboard Cover retails for $159, which is almost half the price of the iPad itself.

But I, have seen instances where retailers like Walmart and Amazon slashed its price to $79. If you can buy the Keyboard Cover at this price, it’s a no-brainer. Otherwise, it’s a hard swallow.

The iPad has support for the 1st generation Apple Pencil as well. If you are a student or an artist, I highly recommend that you get this accessory. While pricey at $100, the Apple Pencil is a solid buy if need to use a traditional Pencil regularly.

Who Should Buy The New iPad And Who Shouldn’t?

ipad-10.2-worth-money-2019Anyone who has an iPad 9.7 (6th generation) should skip the iPad 10.2. Apart from the larger 10.2-inch screen and the Apple Smart Connector, the two iPads are identical. From the camera to the performance to the speakers, nothing has changed.

For anyone who is looking to get into the Apple ecosystem, the iPad 10.2 is a great way to enter that walled garden.

Also, if you use heavily consume media and don’t mind reading on a tablet, the iPad can be a worthwhile purchase.

Finally, if you are someone who takes a lot of notes or loves drawing, you may want to get the new iPad (as well as the Apple Pencil).

With the introduction of the iPad OS, the iPads have been more capable than ever. If this is the first time you are planning to get an iPad, you can go ahead and make your purchase. You will love the experience.