Scientists have been hard at working trying to make the dreams of the Star Wars crowd come through by working on a lightsaber. A group  physicists from MIT and Harvard are studying light and the theories about it to better understand the physics of lightsabers. One of the most feared weapons used by the Jedi and Sith in the world of Star Wars, may one day actually manifest itself in the science labs. Photons are said to not interact with each other are being manipulated by this team of scientists to bind together in some form of energy to produce a lightsaber. “Most of the properties of light we know about originate from the fact that photons are massless, and that they do not interact with each other,” said Mikhail Lukin, a professor of physics at Harvard, in a statement. “What we have done is create a special type of medium in which photons interact with each other so strongly that they begin to act as though they have mass, and they bind together to form molecules.” While a lot of people think this is great if the scientists actually come up with a lightsaber in the future, I would rather see the thing used as a tool instead of a weapon. You could do away with the chainsaw and gasoline and just with one or two swipes just cut down a tree, use the Lightsaber technology in drilling applications and so forth. You could take quantum computing to the next level with this kind of application and who knows what other cool technology could come from this. But we are still a far far ways until something like this comes to light and scientists have just only begun on that journey to find out the outcome of their experiment. But one thing for sure is that many hopefuls remain that a Lightsaber solution is in the near future