We hear Samsung is planning something big for the Samsung Galaxy S10. And to be really honest, it’s no surprise. The phone marks the 10 year anniversary for the Galaxy lineup of smartphones. Also, it marks the 10 years of Samsung using Android Operating System. No wonder, we expect great features and new design with the next flagship. 

The Galaxy Note 9 is not even out yet, and there’s already so much news about the S10 in the rumor mill. Whatever the rumor mill may suggest, here’s a list of features we can expect in the next Samsung flagship:

1) True Bezel-free Designgalaxy-s10-leaked-photo

The Galaxy S9 has very narrow bezels, but with the S10, the company may get rid of it altogether. According to the report published by The Indian Express, Samsung has filed a patent that describes a new smartphone featuring no bezels at all. We are certain the device in the filed patent is none other than the Galaxy S10.

To carry out this feat, the company may have to roll the AMOLED Display all the way to the back of the phone and connect the display controller there. FYI, Apple has done the same thing to shrink the bottom bezel on the iPhone X.

2) Under-Display Fingerprint Scannerunder-display-fingerprint-scanner

There were rumors about the Samsung Galaxy S9 and the S9+ packing an under-display fingerprint scanner. That, unfortunately, didn’t happen. The Note 9 is also rumored to have that scanner, but the latest leaks suggest that Samsung won’t be mass-manufacture the parts required to implement it.

The Galaxy S10 is probably going to be the first Samsung phone to come with the under-glass fingerprint scanner. The Bell reports that Samsung is teaming up with Synaptics, Qualcomm and Aegis Tech to bring the technology to the S10.

3) 3D Face Scanningsamsung-galayx-s8-facial-recognition-setup-stare-into-the-phone

Let’s face it. The Iris Scanning on the Galaxy S8 and even the Galaxy S9 is nowhere as fast as the Face ID on the iPhone X. Not only is the Face ID fast but it also works in almost all environments. The same cannot be said about the current generation of Samsung phones.

Rumors are circulating claiming that the S10 will come with a 3D Face Scanner. A report from The Investor suggests that Samsung has partnered with 3D Camera firm Mantis Vision to incorporate the Face Scanner.

4) Bigger Battery


The Samsung Galaxy S9 and the S9+ both can last throughout the day on a full charge, but there indeed are phones which manage to fare better in this department.

There are rumors that Samsung will house a larger battery on the Galaxy S10 which will help significantly improve the battery life on the phone. Also, like the Super VOOC charging which charges the phone from 0%-100% in half an hour, we can expect a similar technology to make its way into the Galaxy S10.

5) Beefed-Up Specification


The S10 will feature better hardware all-around. Like all the previous Samsung phones, it will come with either Exynos and Qualcomm SoC. The company, in February, invested $5.6 billion in a new factory to build 7Nm chipsets. It will undoubtedly make its way into the next flagship. We can also expect Samsung to push AI features to the Galaxy S10. Also, expect Bixby to get more accurate and better at interpreting voice inputs.

Release Date

While it is too early to predict the exact release date of the Galaxy S10, we can expect the phone to be announced at next years’ MWC show which is scheduled for Feb 25. The phone will probably hit the stores by the end of March 2019.

What features are you looking forward on the Galaxy S10? Let us know in the comments section down below.