Being a runner myself, i’ve always struggled with placing/holding my personal belongings during a jog. If you’ve ever gone running, you probably know what i’m talking about. You want to listen to music on your phone but don’t know where to place it. Holding it in your hand is one option, but it’s tedious and you can’t maintain proper form. A zip pocket is another alternative, but the phone will bounce everywhere and annoy the hell out of you. Thankfully, someone thought of a solution to this problem, and even started a kickstarter campaign for it. Meet the Shapeheart Armband.

The Shapehbeart Armband

Designed to fit snugly around your upper arm (bicep/triceps area), the width can be adjusted to suit anyone. The magnetic holder keeps your phone secured even during the most strenuous of exercises. The armband is compatible with any phone and almost any application. You don’t have to wring your neck to change music or adjust the app anymore. Simply take the phone out of the armband mid-run, do what you have to do and stick it back on. It’s amazing how no one has thought of something so simple before.

The best part is that it’s also a heart rate monitor. You can track how hard you’re going and know when you need to take a rest. The optical sensor is extremely accurate as well. The Shapeheart armband is available in two colors: black and red. The Kickstarter campaign has already surpassed its original $50,000 goal, but you can still pledge $44 to get the product at a discount. Pledging $78 or more gets you the version with the heart rate tracker, which is, in my opinion, well worth the premium over the standard armband.

If you like it, feel free to support them by going over to their Kickstarter page and pledging. It’s so good i’m considering calling it a must-have for every runner.

Stefan Petrov
I love everything that has to do with cars. I could practically name every manufacturer and model before i could even say mom or dad. Recently i've taken up motorsport, with plans to travel to England and compete should the perfect opportunity arise. In my spare time i like to do some biking, and occasionally play the guitar.