Superbugs The Ultimate Evolutionary Machines



Superbugs Resistance


Superbugs have become more famous in recent years due to their ability to survive attempts by doctors to eliminate them. This has become an increasingly hard battle to fight for doctors and scientists. These so-called “superbugs” are bacteria that carry genes that enable them to survive any attempts to eradicate them with our conventional medicines. The deaths from superbugs, reach into the thousands worldwide each year affecting an estimated 99,000 just in the U.S.A.

Superbugs are a burden on society no doubt, and at the same time, it is an amazement at how these bacteria are able to detect medicines that are designed to destroy them, and figure out a way to mutate to adapt and to survive man’s attempt at their destruction. Researches are still designing new methods to combat this epidemic, which seems to be no end in sight.

MRSA kills an estimated 19,000 people every year in the U.S. We are always encouraged to wash our hands after a visit to the bathroom to help reduce the spread of bacteria. One of the causes to why these superbugs have emerged so rapidly, is that often times when people visit the doctor for common colds and flu’s and such, they are given antibiotics to treat these symptoms. Antibiotics are not effective against them, so this over prescribing of drugs just helps bacteria to change and fight. According to Dr. Alan Christianson a Naturopathic Doctor.

This is an expensive war that we are not winning. Even The World Health Organization says this is one of the top three threats in the world that we are faced with.  Hospitals have become a breeding ground for MRSA and other pathogens that are resistant to drugs. It is very important that when visiting a hospital for any reason, to always follow the proper hygienic practices to help keep the risk of spreading down.