A high-performance gaming mouse isn’t just another pc peripheral that eSports players take for granted, it serves as an extension of themselves. With an improved build quality and hardware spec sheet versus a cheap $5 mice, these computer accessories have more uses beyond the gaming world in everyday applications.

Gamers love their rigs, that’s why they spend a lot of time and money customizing the hardware components, so to perform at peak efficiency. They are colorful, powerful, and as unique as the owner in the most amazing ways.

The average PC user may not see the need to spend $20-$200 on a hand-operated electronic device when there are plenty of cheaper alternatives.

So why should you spend more? The answer is because of a better quality computing experience.

Better Ergonomics

The majority of users, mainly interact with a laptop or desktop through a mouse as they scroll through web pages or navigate through sophisticated computer programs.

Computers are an essential part of our daily lives, and the likelihood of you having to work with them in your place of employment is only increasing.

Sitting at a desk, staring in front of a screen, operating a PC can get tiring especially after eight or ten hours of work.

It is not uncommon for people to experience carpal tunnel syndrome as the result of repeated movements over an extended period of time.

This problem can be excruciating, as the numbness, and stiffness of the nerve cells in your wrists or hands can make it near impossible to work, which sometimes results in loss wages and productivity.

Such issues are addressed by pc peripheral manufacturers, as they design gaming mice with superior quality materials that not only feel better in hand, but they are far more durable than cheap knockoffs.

Grip Types For Gaming Mice

Everyone’s hand sizes vary from person to person. The way in which we hold a mouse can differ drastically as seen in the image above. There isn’t a one size that fits all solution, so that’s why manufacturers study the way that we hold peripherals and cater each product accordingly.

Furthermore, since we all have different hand and grip types, many gaming mice have included weights which can be removed from the chassis, making for a more balanced feel.

In the end, we have a product that’s designed to withstand millions of clicks throughout its lifecycle while reducing stress and fatigue.

This is a definite benefit to any workplace or home office, in which these gaming mice can more than hold their own regarding value. Because they don’t need to be replaced as often and are more comfortable during extended use, these peripherals are cost-effective.

Customization And Accuracy

TechMalak Gaming Mouse

It’s not uncommon to see manufacturers through high cpi/dpi numbers on retail packaging for an improved gaming experience.  Because the higher the better, right? Not exactly.

CPI(counts per inch) or dpi(dots per inch) merely refers to how sensitive your cursor is as it is moved across the computer monitor. This has everything to do with the sensor inside of the mouse and the included software which results in better accuracy and precision.

There are other variables to take into account when it comes to the sensor, such as polling rate, lift-off distance and so forth, but we are keeping it simple in this post.

A user can adjust how fast or slow that cursor moves on the screen by the hardware buttons on the computer mouse, something which is lacking in low-end units.

Furthermore, through the use of clever software, hardware buttons can be re-mapped for different functions, which can prove useful for designers and artists for launching and closing apps.


Another cool aspect of these computer mice is the many lighting options available. You may see some users with elaborate, colorful rbg lighting effects which adds to the look of an entire setup. Colors are often tied into our moods, and with the use of the right combinations, we can enhance our mental state, if only slightly.


While many people may never care to spend more than a Dollar Stores amount on a quality PC mice, there are those in the population that does. For those who spend most of their working day in front of a computer, the best course of action is to make use of a high-quality mouse.

Not only do they last longer, feel better in hand, and are more accurate, they take the interaction level up several notches which makes for a better experience and provide more value.