It’s 2015, and a brand new start to the year. Looking back at 2014’s many conflicts around the world, racism has had a major role to play in world events. And here in North America, it’s still a real problem many people of different nationalities still face on a daily basis.

We live in a society, where many judge others based on looks, which actually displays a lack of understanding on the part of the one who judges unfairly.

The uprisings in the U.S from Ferguson to New York, are just a glimpse of the everyday problems people of color face in Canada and the U.S.A. We live in an age where young black boys are viewed as dangerous, untrustworthy and are involved with the trafficking of drugs. There is a deep distrust between the police who are supposed to uphold the law, and the community who have consistently been violated by those are to be trusted in positions of authority.

Some view white men and woman as being rich and racist, while blondes are stereotyped as being dumb. And with the many terror attacks we see on social media or the news, Muslim men who have beards wearing traditional clothing are immediately labeled as terrorists who could strike at any moment. Chinese people are considered either smart, short, and unable to drive properly. Here in Canada the native people are often viewed as free-loaders who drink to get drunk everyday and are addicts to gambling.


Of course any decent self-respecting persons should know that all the above and more, are the furthest thing from the truth. Yes we have many people from all sorts of cultural backgrounds do terrible things and are often in the news. I’m a firm believer that you can’t paint one group of people with the same brush, just because the few who have made terrible moral choices,that negatively impact an entire community.

No, not all white people are rich, and the many I know, are some of the hardest workers you’ll see who have not that much at all. Not all black people are involved with criminal activities. Just do a simple Google Search and you’ll see many entrepreneurs in the black community doing positive things while encouraging others to do the right thing. The same goes for many Muslims around the world. I’ve heard many Islam community leaders condemn terrorists activities, who also make it a point of saying, those things are not right and true to their core beliefs. The Chinese are from China, Koreans are from Korea and Indonesians are from Indonesia. Asians represent a large part of the world and contrary to racist beliefs, aren’t all from China. Because someone looks to be from that part of the world, doesn’t mean they are Chinese. There are smart, short and careless drivers from every culture around the world. I bet anyone of us can go to any country and see drivers doing the most insane things. There are countless Native communities here in Canada that are all for the uplifting of their people. Gambling and drugs only represent a few who have lost their way.

Diversity Cultures

It’s time we all view everyone as a part of our global community, and not have the attitude of the old saying “respect has to be earned, to give it” It’s 2015 and time we change that a bit, rather saying “we should give respect, because it’s the right thing to do” If we all could learn to respect one another, we would go a long way to having the peace that soo many of us want.

Massai Chief

In truth, everyone is not that different genetically. We all have the same amount of limbs, emotions and aspirations of living a proper healthy life. We all can agree to disagree when someone else has a different point of view. Violence against someone regardless of race, beliefs and lifestyle choice should never be. Proper character education is what’s lacking in today’s world, with many of us having a “me,me,me” attitude. This isn’t the way things are supposed to be.

It’s time to make a change with the way we view others. Self reflection is a great way to start, and we all need it. The world is a sad place now, with the many wars taking place. Fire can never quench fire, and it’s high-time for the violence to stop.



Matthew Barnes
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