GeoOrbital has reinvented the wheel allowing you to turn your ordinary bicycle into an electric bike in just under a minute without the need for tools.

It’s a simple procedure that doesn’t seem complicated in the least bit, turning your bike into a high-tech machine with universal compatibility with just about every bike on the market.

Using a state of the art, Aerospace-grade aluminum unibody, the GeoOrbital wheel replaces the front wheel on your bike. It uses a Panasonic 36V, removable Li-ion battery pack allowing you to coast along the roadway for up to 20 miles per hour with a range up to 50 miles on a single charge. The battery pack is simple to change and replace, requiring little effort to remove. Just switch on the electric battery on your handle bar to turn your bicycle into a e-bike.

The tire on the wheel is flat-proof, because it uses a high density, lightweight foam which performs just the same as a conventional tire.

GeoOrbital Electric Bike

GeoOrbital spent many hours testing various sizes of bikes and wheels to ensure just about anyone can utilize their technology. According to the company, they can furnish 95% of all adult sized bicycles with 2 sizes to choose from.

The GeoOrbital wheel is compatible with nearly every bicycle. We have tested it on hundreds of bikes of all different styles from all different eras. The wheel comes in 2 sizes to cover over 95% of all adult sized bicycles. If your bike has a 26in, or 700c (also compatible with 28in and 29in) front wheel and uses rim brakes, the GeoOrbital wheel fits!

The brushless integrated electric motor helps to get you through various environments. While the wheel is being used in snow, rain, mud etc, you can pedal your e-Bike for all-wheel drive traction to help you maintain stability through those challenging situations.

It looks great, and is a fantastic idea for those who commute to work or play. And because it has a USB outlet, you can charge a compatible mobile device, or simply remove the battery pack for portable power.

The team behind this innovative idea, wants to keep all manufacturing in their local area. Built in New England, they are striving to support their community with their version of the electric bike. And their KICKSTARTER campaign is already a hit. With 31 days left as of this writing, their funding goal of $75,000 is surpassed at $724,199 with eager buyers chomping at the bit to get their GeoOrbital wheel. Backers, can expect delivery sometime in the Fall of 2016.

Matthew Barnes
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