The world continues to change and flex its muscles when it comes to the way we conduct business. Companies such as General Electric, which has been around from before I was born, is on its way to bankruptcy, and soon to be forgotten, while behemoths such as Amazon, Alibaba, and Walmart are pushing the eCommerce game to the next level, fast surpassing brands that refuse to adapt to change.

If you are like me, you make a lot of online purchases, mixed in with a little bit of brick-and-mortar shopping from time-to-time.

Afterall, we all crave some form of human interaction, because staying glued to your smartphone gets kind of old, and besides, it’s healthy to get out once in a while.

Getting old has its advantages and negatives, but let’s leave that debate for another conversation.

One thing that is not getting old, is eCommerce.

More specifically, in which the way innovative companies are approaching this business model with a sort of hybrid stance.

Canada is ripe for the picking when it comes to online shopping. While we haven’t caught up to the rest of the world yet, more Canadians are taking to the Internet when it comes to making a purchasing decision.

China and the USA, are by far the largest eCommerce spenders in the world and that probably won’t change anytime soon for obvious reasons.

Canada represents a golden opportunity at its present state and the smartest brands are acting decisively.

These companies are hitting the mark when it comes to eCommerce in Canada, and are paving the way forward towards a deeply immersive customer buying experience.


tripadvisor store

Popular travel site TripAdvisor took to Toronto’s Pearson Internation Airport to launch their first-ever travel store in 2018.

This is a prime example of how you do experiential marketing right.

Their branding is on target, and their merchandise selection is appropriate for their venue.

Think about it. Selling candy bars, pillows, and various travel items might not be directly tied to TripAdvisor’s core offering, but its a compliment to their core services.

You might not have booked your flight through the company, but buying merch at their retail store certainly encourages you to consider booking with TripAdvisor next time.

It’s an excellent way to keep you in the buying cycle for many years down the line.

While I have yet to visit their store, I’ve read there is a large interactive touch screen so that travelers can find useful information about the city of Toronto, and all that it has to offer.

Toronto is a big place with lots to see and do, so this friendly TripAdvisor popup store not only acts as a retail outlet, but  it also doubles as a useful resource.


stickeryou museum

Speaking of Toronto; If you own a brand, you’ll want to pay close attention to StickerYou, because they just get it right when it comes to innovation and marketing.

StickerYou just launched the world’s largest sticker store which is located at 677 Queen St W, Toronto, Canada.

This global e-commerce leader is a trendsetter for custom-printed and die-cut products.

Launched in 2008, StickerYou continues to adapt flawlessly to the times with their innovative approach towards providing solid customer value.

They too, are another brand that centers their focus on experiential marketing.

Bright, unique, quirky, thoughtful, expressive, fun, are just some of the words you can use to describe the new store.

When you see their large sticker museum display, you’d be thinking you were in an expensive art gallery rather than a retail location.

Best of all, uploading your custom design is as simple a few clicks.


endy mattress

When it comes to comfort and relaxation, few come close to matching the quality of an Endy mattress.

Canadian made and built to last, Endy continues to sweep the eCommerce world by storm.

Their lineup of sleep products can now be experienced in person via their popup store at 28 Bathurst St in Toronto

One of Endy’s unique selling points, is the company’s designing and manufacturing of comfortable mattress that are a fraction of the cost of other leading brands.

On top of it all, you can try a Endy mattress risk free for 100 nights.

Endy paired up with Urban Barn, to offer its mattresses in 37 location throughout Canada.

It’s a smart method for gaining visibility in a complex marketplace with a plethora of competitors.


eCommerce is here to stay, there’s no questioning that fact. What we are witnessing, is a new era of super players that are taking calculated risks and they are paying off.

Combining an online store with a brick-and-mortar location isn’t all that unusual, countless brands do it all over the world.

But what is, is the way companies that started life online, are now taking experiential marketing to the next level.

They are cool, up to the time, and most importantly, relevant.

It’s that combination that gives these companies staying power in a fast paced world.

Matthew Barnes
Loves all things tech. He's a musician, writer, and founder of Techmalak.