With the first half of 2018 behind us, more and more automakers are revealing their plans for 2019 and how they’re going to shake up the market. Ford is on the same boat with the reveal of the almighty 2019 Ford Mustang Shelby GT350 which features exclusive upgrades to make it better than any GT350 before it.

Those of you that are really into Fords may not notice the differences at first glance, compared to the current get model. But rest assured, the subtle tweaks have a massive impact on aero and how the car performs.

The exterior of the muscularly shaped Shelby GT350 received minor upgrades, which is a bit of a shame, as I’d like to see it become even more aggressive. The angry looking frontal area is updated with a slightly different looking central grille which feeds the rowdy 5.2 liter V8 fresh air.  

At the back, you’ll find a redesign rear wing. The designer behind the updated Shelby GT350 played around with the idea of adding a Gurney flap to the rear wing, which would improve the aerodynamic characteristics. Ford’s chiefs apparently liked the idea, as it’s offered as an option.

2019 Ford Shelby GT350 Vent
Image Credit: motor1.com/topspeed.com

The 2019 Shelby GT350 Is Tailored To Its Buyers

The most notable changes, however, are the ones that can’t be seen but can be felt instead, which is exactly what buyers wanted – keep the visuals, improve the performance.

The underpinnings of the 2019 Shelby GT350 feature revamped dampers, and recalibrated springs on the ECU controlled MagneRide suspension. The brains of the Shelby GT350 also received a touch-up, with changes made to the electric power-assist three-mode electronic stability control. The enhancements made to the lengthy named ESC system are backed up by competitive track experience, and when paired with the improved suspension, it helps to make the GT350 agiler, balanced and precise.

Ford really put in an effort to make the 2019 Shelby GT350 special. That’s evident in their partnership with Michelin, which resulted in a one-off thread pattern and compound, gracing the grippy Michelin Pilot Sport Cup 2 tires. The GT350 exclusive tires, measuring 295/35 at the front and 305/35 at the back, are wrapped around the freshly designed 19-inch wheels, merging superior grip and adding to the aggressive stance of the 2019 Shelby.

Hiding behind the new wheels is “old tech”, in the form of current gen Brembo brakes. I’ll have to agree with Ford’s engineers with their decision, as they’re six-pot calipers at the front and four-pot at the rear. More than enough to feel some serious G’s while hitting the middle pedal.

2019 Ford Shelby GT350 Wheels
Image Credit: motor1.com/topspeed.com

However, the brakes are not the only thing that remains from the present day GT350. The screaming flat-plane 5.2 liter V8 is here to stay as well. Punching out 526 hp and 429 ft-lb of torque, there’s no reason to change. The plentiful of torque coming from the high-revving engine is transferred to the rear wheels via a 6-speed Tremec manual ‘box, keeping the spirit of the driver’s car alive.


Moving over to the interior area, there are some nice additions that make the 2019 edition of the Shelby special.

For starters, new door panel inserts feature gorgeous slate Miko suede with accent stitching. The Recaro bucket seats may look the same as the current ones, but that’s where the similarities end, as the new ones are power-adjustable and wrapped with Miko suede to match the door cards.

While you’re enjoying the coziness of the new Recaro seats, important data is displayed on either the new machined aluminum or exposed carbon dash panel. The 8in Sync 3 touch infotainment system, paired to the optional 12 speakers coming from Harman, comes standard in 2019.

Adding to the existing color palette, made up of Shadow Black, Oxford White or Kona Blue, which can be highlighted with racing stripes, the 2019 Shelby GT350 will be available in Velocity Blue and Ford Performance Blue.

2019 Ford Shelby GT350 Rear
Image Credit: motor1.com/topspeed.com

The price tag on the 2019 Shelby GT350 is still unknown, but if I had to guess, I’d say it’ll be a bit more than the current GT350, considering the upgrades. Still, it’s a hell of a car with a hell of a soundtrack, and I’m with Ford’s decision to perfect the performance instead of the aesthetics, as I quite like how the current GT350 looks. I would like some supercharger whine or some blow-off valve noise though, but I guess that’s where the GT500 and aftermarket come in.