No More Leaks!


After a bevy of leaks upon leaks, The Nexus 5 available for purchase on Google Play which was announced today. Pretty much everything that has been leaked about the device is available. Android Kitkat 4.4,Full HD IPS display(4.95 inch) at 445 ppi, LTE, 2300 mAH battery, Qualcomm Snapdragon 800, 2.3GHz processor. 2 GB of RAM.

This device looks fantastic and is available for purchase now on the Play Store. As of right now Oct, 31, 2013 upon writing these last few words, Google Play has reported all devices are out of stock. This phone is flying quick and looks like consumers are grabbing this smartphone as quick as they can. The Nexus 5 16 GB version comes in white or black at $349.99 and for 32 GB $399.99. At that price, this makes the Nexus a great bang for your buck off contract phone.

The question is will customers skip carriers or try to get out of contracts now that the New Nexus is available. There are still solid devices that are still on the market that have gotten a lot of attention since their release such as The Samsung Galaxy Note 3, S4, iPhone 5S and so on. It will be interesting to see how the Nexus device sells over the course of the next few months. Will that battery hold up, after all the Nexus 4 had a terrible battery life that couldn’t make it through the day on a full charge.

I am glad to see that LG and Google decided to support LTE on this device, as that is pretty much the standard now a days, and with the lack of LTE support on the previous version, that left a bad taste in some consumer’s mouth. If you want the new Nexus device you better be checking the Play store often, as it seems as this phone will be running low on stock for the next little while due to its popularity among the Android community.