Just like clockwork, car manufactures come up with new and exciting models with the latest and greatest technological advancements for you to buy.

You need a car, but can’t get the financing, or you see car dealerships with low inventory without the model you’re looking for. But why? Car manufactures turn out millions of cars for sale all over the world, surely there shouldn’t be a shortage of quality new and used cars on the market, right? What about all those new unsold cars? where do they end up?

Unsold New Cars

The photo above is in Sheerness, United Kingdom, where thousands of unsold cars end up. This goes on all over the world, and has been going on for a very long time. Cars that don’t sell end up in places like these, with no one to buy them, just filling up space. 

Unsold Cars In Spain

Here is another car park in the above photo, in Spain. This is absolutely crazy. We have millions of people all over the world, just begging to drive a vehicle, but since manufactures won’t sell these cars at reduced prices, they would rather let them sit at car parks to be crushed. Companies mass produce so many vehicles every year that they don’t sell all of them. Car dealerships are forced to slash prices on new vehicles in hopes of  selling them, that when they don’t, they are forced to do an inventory clear-out for next years models, that will mostly end up like last years in pictures like these.

Unsold Cars In Baltimore Maryland

Above, we have thousands of unsold SUV’s in Baltimore Maryland just sitting, waiting to be crushed.

Unsold Cars St Petersburg Russia

In the photo above, is an airport runway in St Petersburg Russia, where thousands of vehicles are just left to rust and rot. Absolutely ludicrous. There are more cars on the planet than there are people, with 10 billion cars and counting.

Unsold Cars Italy

Above is a photo from the port of Civitavecchia in Italy. There are literally thousands of Peugeot cars that have never been sold. This goes on all over the world. Thousands upon thousands of car parks are filled to the brim with unsold used vehicles. Why won’t the manufactures sell them at reduced prices? Why put to waste perfectly usable automobiles that many people desperately need? Simple, cash is king, and manufactures want to sell their products at the highest profit, and would rather waste perfectly usable vehicles, that to slash the price in half or even 3/4. If manufacturers were to do this, then we would be expecting it yearly, and they wouldn’t make any money on the brand new cars that they do sell, because people would be wanting to buy those unsold new cars at a fraction of the asking price.