With World Heart Day having taken place yesterday, startup MOCACARE launched MOCAheart, a new smart device that falls into the Internet of Things umbrella, but serves a broader purpose as far as heart monitoring at home is concerned.

MOCAheart is, in essence, a thumb scanning device that makes use of a technique MOCACARE calls “press and go.”  It combines conventional thumb scans with specialized algorithms that track a user’s blood flow and velocity to measure heart rate and blood oxygen.  It also comes with its own proprietary cardiovascular health indicator called the MOCA INDEX.  This index is described as a “qualitative measurement of blood flow that is correlated to blood pressure,” a basic figure that ranges from 1 to 5 and serves as an “instant snapshot” of cardiovascular health that’s easier to remember than the usual blood pressure figures.  Respectively, the figures of 1-5 represent Low, Ideal, Raised, High, or Very High cardiovascular health on the MOCA INDEX.

Mocacare Heart Monitor

Aside from the MOCA INDEX, MOCAheart is also able to track blood oxygen and resting heart rate, both of which are considered important metrics in checking cardiovascular health.  With these three metrics, MOCAheart “aims to be an everyday tool” that allows people to avoid heart problems before they happen, or detect them while still early.  The device comes with its own companion MOCAheart App for iOS, with an Android version coming soon; it provides daily, weekly, monthly, or annual graphs that allow users to view how their heart health has fared over a certain period, and track progress.  Users can also text or share health status updates to family, friends, or primary care providers, or set reminders for readings.

“We are excited to introduce MOCAheart and realize our ambition of empowering people to proactively monitor their heart health without interrupting their lifestyle,” said MOCACARE co–founder and Chief Operating Officer Naama Stauber in a press release. “By combining the latest developments in technology and medical science we have been able to deliver a device that will empower millions to effectively and effortlessly track cardiovascular health in taking action to prevent or minimize the well–known risks associated with heart disease.”

MOCAheart can now be purchased online at the company’s official website, where it sells for $149.99.  The company, however, warns that it should not be used as a replacement for official medical testing, but rather as a heart monitoring device that allows people to proactively check their heart health and take the necessary actions to make it better, if needed.