The days are getting closer when man meets machine, and in fact is at the very door. Military human augmentation has been a goal of the U.S military for years, with extensive research being conducted by DARPA( The Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency).

Recently, with funding from the National Science Foundation, researchers from the University Of Illinois have created a machine augmented with muscle tissue controlled by electrical currents for the first time. This bio-bot came into creation with lab-grown tissue, and with the use of 3-D printing that provides bone structure to this creäture, that is both durable and flexible. 

Computer controlled by a living person, total military human augmentation won’t be too far away in the future. Robocop, The Borg, Terminator, Universal Soldier are just some of the movies that come to mind. Limiting human casualties and error is one aim the U.S military hopes to meet with such bio bots. Unmanned drones both for military and commercial applications will be apart of the future more so than they are now.

Scientists and researchers are incorporating human tissue and cells in experiments all over the world, to manufacture these cyborgs, with hopes to improve the technology. The researchers from the University Of Illinois have found out, how to control the movements of their bio-cyborg with the use of electrical frequencies. With further funding and testing, the team will advance in their research, bringing true Terminator style machines to the Military.