If you’re anything like me, you’ve probably grown tired of hunching over the table to work on your laptop and/or holding your tablet. Not only is improper body posture tiring, but extremely bad for your health over prolonged periods of time. Most device stands are models-specific, i.e. they only fit a certain laptop or a certain tablet. Thankfully, someone realized there’s a large need for a universal portable device stand and came up with this, the iMoov.

iMov: the universal portable device stand

At this point you’re probably wondering what separates iMoov from all the other portable device stands out there? There’s thousands currently for sale, what makes iMoov so special? Well, for starters, it’s universal, i.e. compatible with just about any device. It’s small and ergonomic, with an adaptable base so you can use it on the table, on your bed or on a chair. As a single device stand to meet all of your needs, nothing can come even close to it. We’ve tested quite a few of these products, but the iMoov definitely blew us away.

The Kickstarter project has already gathered over $41,000 with 469 different backers. The end goal is $50,000, with 26 days to go till the end of the campaign. If you like it, feel free to go over to the Kickstarter webpage and support them. For pledges of $56 or over you’ll get your very own iMoov once they start making and shipping them.

Pledging over $69 gets you the Teclado Bluetooth keyboard in addition to the iMoov. Designed to work with most tablets, it fits flawlessly into the device stand and is compatible with Android, Windows, iOS and Mac. You can even control your Smart TV through Bluetooth. With a large 500mAH battery it’s good for 120 hours of continuous use.

Prices will naturally increase once the product launches, so make sure to grab them at a large discount right now. In addition to supporting the project, you’ll be getting what is, in our opinion, the best universal device stand we’ve come across.

Stefan Petrov
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