We’ve all grown accustomed to bright, colorful sunglasses, lenses that shine like never before. This wasn’t the case a couple of years ago when brown, grey or green lenses were the most color you could get.

Matte Reflective Sunglasses

Times are rapidly changing, and so are the technologies surrounding sunglasses. Wearing Matte Reflective Lenses are a new fashion trend that Mariener Eyewear wants to introduce to the market. The only catch? They need your help with their Kickstarter campaign to bring this technology to life.

Mariener Eyewear is probably not a brand you have heard of before, so how did they come up with this and who are they?

Mariener Eyewear’s existence, like so many other startups, spurred from the idea to make quality sunglasses cheaper, without sacrificing on quality or looks. The brand has produced sunglasses since 2012, with their primary focus on their home country’s target market which is in the Netherlands.

Mariener Eyewear

Matte Reflective Lenses is what they are calling them. The reflection is diffused by a sophisticated anti-glare coating that is processed in between coats of coloring and anti-scratch. This makes them cheaper than anything available on the market and a lot more brighter when looking through them.

Mariener Eyewear’s Matte Reflective Sunglasses offer full UV400 protection, hydropbobic properties and are scratch and shatter resistant.

Combine these lenses with a variety of colors to pick from paired with a stylish frame, and you’ll be sure to have something unique and special for this upcoming summer season!.

You can find Mariener Eyewear’s Matte Reflective Sunglasses on Kickstarter where you can help to make it a reality for between 19-29 euros (about 20-30 American dollars).

As with all Kickstarter campaigns, the fate of this product is placed in the hands of supporters like you. If they reach their funding goal these sunglasses will come to life!

Introducing Mariener, named after Marien who started the brand in 2012. It all started like so many other businesses. The lack of cheaper alternatives. Now with this kickstarter we need your help to introduce a revolutionary new lens treatment technology that makes the lenses matte reflective from the outside, but completely clear from the inside.