The launch of the new MacBook Pro 16 was a longtime coming, but clearly no one was expecting it to be unveiled now. It was especially surprising because Apple didn’t host a keynote event for this launch. We had expected a proper event for this new MacBook Pro 16 which brings in a lot of new features. In this article, we will be looking at 5 of the best new features on this flagship Apple laptop.

The Glorious 16-inch Screen And The Updated Design

Image Source: CNet

The new 16-inch MacBook Pro features an all-new 16-inch Retina display with a resolution of 3072×1920. The pixel density is the same at 226ppi.

The screen can get really bright at 500 nits. Thanks to the bright display and anti-reflective coating, the display is perfectly visible outdoors.

What you will immediately notice on this laptop are the reduced bezels. Apple has cut the bezels on all four corners making the new MacBook Pro 16 look more upmarket.

It’s interesting to note that the chassis on the 16-inch MacBook Pro isn’t all that larger than the one on the 15.4-inch MacBook Pro that it replaces.

Apple has worked on the thermals too. There’s a newly redesigned thermal design that dissipates the heat much better than previous models. The heat sink is 35% larger and the vents are bigger which results in better cooling of the laptop under load.

The New Keyboard Finally Fixes Everything

I will be honest here. The butterfly keyboard on the 2016-2018 MacBook Pro is what kept me from upgrading from my Mid-2014 15-inch MacBook Pro.

After 4 iterations of failure, Apple has finally ditched the Butterfly Keyboard mechanism on its 16-inch MacBook Pro. The company has somewhat reverted to the keyboard design that was found on the 2013-2015 MacBook Pros- only with less travel.

Apple calls its new Keyboard the Apple Magic Keyboard. I am very hopeful that the keyboard is as nice to type on (and reliable) as its name suggests.

Oh yes, the physical Esc key is back too. The actual “Pros” who use their MacBook Pros for work will welcome this reversion.

Studio Quality Microphone Array

If you are a music producer, in particular, you will love this feature. Apple claims that the built-in microphone is as good as most USB mics that are found on the market today.

This YouTube video from Jonathan Morrison showcases how good the mics really are.

There are no two ways about it. The new MacBook Pro 16 has the best microphone in any laptop. As hard as it is to believe, I think the mics sound better than the Blue Ice USB microphone which is a widely praised budget USB mic.

Larger 100WHr Battery

Apple has been killing it this year. First, they put a near 4000mAh battery on their iPhone 11 Pro Max. And now, we get a MacBook with a 100WHr battery, the largest battery capacity that is allowed to be carried on an airplane.

With this larger battery, Apple claims that you will be able to browse the Internet on the MacBook Pro 16 for 11 hours which is 1 hour up from its predecessor.

To accommodate the larger battery, Apple had to slightly thicken the laptop. It’s also gained some weight. But I doubt anyone will complain about the change much.

Six Speaker Setup On A Laptop

The MacBook Pro 16 delivers a high fidelity audio experience thanks to the completely redesigned six-speaker setup.

The speaker system uses force canceling woofers that use dual opposed speaker drivers for reduced unwanted vibrations which distort sound.

What it means for the end-user is that you will hear more bass without more distortion. Also, you can expect the output to be cleaner and natural than ever before.