Just a few years ago, everyone thought mobile phones that could play games were pretty cool. Nowadays, that’s the norm. Even cars can play videos and games, in addition to your favorite tunes. As the world is progressing towards a smarter, more innovative future, so are our homes.

Count the number of smart devices in your household at the moment, and you’ll realize we’re living in the digital age. A lot of home appliances have evolved and adopted a ‘smart’ status, including the TV, the thermostat, your doorbell, camera, and even the light bulbs. Although these can naturally be operated manually or via Wi-Fi using your phone, that’s not always practical.

The amount of user interfaces you’ll have to learn just to run the stuff in your home is ridiculous. It’s difficult and time-consuming, having to switch through various apps just to do simple tasks constantly. Luckily, a company has realized this issue and is already out with a solution: meet the Lynky Smart Hub.

Lynky Smart Hub
The tabletop version of the Lynky Smart Hub

What is Lynky?

Lynky is a touchscreen smart hub which can control all of your smart home devices. If it can be remotely operated,  more than likely Lynky can access it.

It’s available in two versions: tabletop and a wall version. Both can be securely synced.

It’s an all-in-one solution to a problem most of us are already facing.

As the number of smart devices in our homes increase, the issue at hand is only going to get bigger and bigger. You may not have trouble now, but you will in the very near future.

lynky logo

How does Lynky work?

Lynky is extremely easy to use and setup. The user interface is intuitive and rather simple, with a single menu showing all the available devices you can control. Setting them up initially is a walk in the park, as it literally takes just a few seconds. Once you have them synced up, you can control your smart devices via Lynky’s own interface using the touchscreen, voice control or through the Lynky app.

It comes equipped with Bluetooth, Zigbee and Wi-Fi. Open API integration and native IFTTT means it’s compatible with upwards of a thousand of the most popular IoT devices. The famous Google Assistant is integrated into Lynky, so you can manipulate all smart devices using just your voice alone.

A wall version of the same Lynky Smart Hub

Where can I get it?

Lynky is now available and you can pre-order it over through their Indiegogo campaign for just $99.

Deliveries start in Q1 of 2018. If you’re in the market for a brilliant, easy to use and creative smart hub, look no further. The possibility to fully customize your Lynky is just the cherry on top of the cake. Take full advantage of the Early Bird pricing while you can. Trust me, it’s worth it.