Many of us try to make use of proper stress management techniques to combat the many test and trials we go through in our daily lives whether at the workplace or at home.

The Israel based company Lipogen Ltd, has launched a next generation of PS brain ingredient, Lipogen PS+PA, and according to the company it is a:

A high-quality blend of PhosphatidylSerine plus Phosphatidic Acid (PS+PA).

This patent protected solution has been deemed clinically safe to not only help with high levels of stress, but it has also been proven to support the brain’s cognitive functions and memory.

The company has previously conducted a pair of controlled clinical trials with their new ingredient, to where the results where proven to improve stress response under “psychological and socially demanding conditions”.

This company has developed a variety of products available in different forms which are FDA certified, Kosher and Non-GMO verified.

Lipogen Products For Stress
Credit Lipogen


According to research by Lipogen, Americans have worked longer hours for less pay, with 25% of employees believing their job is the No.1 cause of stress in their lives. And another 33% report that they experience high levels of stress in the workplace.

Stress Management In The Workplace
Infographic – Lipogen targets stress management with new PSPA ingredient (PRNewsFoto/Lipogen, Ltd.)

With 25 years of biotech natural Phospholipid research, Lipogen is standing behind their product and insists that it’s safe to use. The company will be at Supply Side West, October 5-9, 2015 in Los Vegas stand #2356 for anyone who is interested in learning more about their products.