Curved Display

LG Electronics Inc is set to launch curved displays and to begin mass production of smartphones with the technology to compete with its rivals by the end of November. Samsung Inc was said to be experimenting with the technology, and it was amongst the early rumors on the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 before its launch. Samsung has already stated that it will launch devices with curved display technology sometime in October. Curved displays are still in the beginning stages of their development, and they will allow devices to be flexible and maybe more durable. LG Display Co Ltd said on Monday it has started production of a six-inch display curved top to bottom that it plans to introduce in November and has had the mobile community eagerly waiting to see the new technology. Curved displays are already commercially available in large-screen televisions. Samsung and LG Electronics started selling curved OLED TV sets this year priced at about $9,000. That alone would break the bank of most people, and such a feature on a smartphone will not come cheap I bet. Manufacturers are still trying to figure out how to mass produce curved displays while making them as affordable as possible while being durable. Its no small feat for sure, but i’m sure that in the near future these manufactures will figure a way out to bring this tech to the masses to where it could be the new standard in mobile technology to come. All these innovations benefit us the consumer in the end and it is great to see that companies like Samsung and LG are taking big steps to bring new standards to the tech arena.