The BMW X7 features many firsts for BMW. Most notably the fact that they managed to combine the sporty character of a SAV(Sports Activity Vehicle) with top of the line luxury in a seamless package is something they’ve never done before. The there’s the size. It’s just big, proudly taking the medal for the largest model BMW has, or ever had, on offer. The size is not a bad thing however, as you get a lot of interior space. So much in fact, that they managed to squeeze in a third row of seats without making it cramped.

The BMW X7 Is A Love Or Hate Kind Of Deal

The exterior styling of the BMW X7 is something you’ll either love or hate, mostly because of that absolutely huge trademark kidney grill. But, it’s there for a good reason. The main concept behind the whole car is that it should be a 7 series, but in SUV form. Combine that with the sheer size of the X7 and it suddenly makes perfect sense why the kidneys ended up being that big.

BMW X7 Front
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The front is also home to some impressive tech. Take the headlights for example. LED headlights are well known for their high-intensity light, but BMW has taken it up a notch with the BMW Laserlight technology. They claim that the adaptive LED headlights fitted to the X7 are capable of illuminating up to 0.37 mi of road, which is two times more than conventional LED units.

Aside from feeding the multitude of engines with fresh air, the chunky grill has a handy trick up it’s sleeve; temperature controlled active air flaps which enhance efficiency. One last thing found on the massive front of the BMW X7 is the Driving Assistant Professional, hidden down low and centered. The DAP system is in charge of various driver aids like lane assist, speed limit assist, steering assist and traffic jam assist.

BMW X7 Side
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Moving on to the side portion, there’s not much going on. The large attribute also follows through to the multi-spoke alloy wheels, which come in 20” form as standard, with 21” and 22” being an option. It’s interesting to me that rear passengers are a priority for the striking X7, with rear doors being longer than the front ones.

The rear end hosts some clever features as well. Parking sensors are something that comes standard on the BMW X7, but that’s not that special. What is however, is the automatic split tailgate with comfort access for easy loading and unloading.

BMW X7 Interior
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Speaking of looks and options, the BMW X7 will be available in three trims; M Sport, Design Pure Elegance and BMW Individual. All of the packages have their own specifics and exterior cues.

A Big Car Needs Some Grunt

A big car like this one needs some serious power to push it forward at reasonable speeds. Depending on the amount of grunt you want, you can choose between the 3.0 liter straight-six in petrol or diesel trim and a 5.0 liter petrol V8. The diesels are either 265 hp for the X7 xDrive30d or 400 hp for the X7 M50d. The 3.0 liter petrol churns out 340 hp, while the thunderous V8 peaked at 462 hp. All engines are mated to an eight-speed Steptronic gearbox.

Suspension wise, air springs are placed at each corner for premium comfort. Adaptive suspension with electronically controlled dampers come as standard, while the mouthful Integral Active Steering and Executive Drive Pro with active roll stabilization are an option. With the M package, you also get an LSD.

Exclusivity Is Where It’s At

BMW X7 Infot
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The talking point of the BMW X7 is of course the interior. Multi-zone automatic climate control, ambient lighting, sectioned panoramic glass roof, high-end sound system and leather are just some of the things you’ll find once you step into the X7. The infotainment system features BMW OS 7.0 with iDrive, BMW Live Cockpit Professional and digital gauges, all displayed on the 12.3” screen.

The fact that you can have 7 seats in something that’s not a van is just incredible to me. Mind you, the third row also get their one climate zone, panorama section and entertainment. Talk about high-class.

BMW X7 Third
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The BMW X7 is due in March of 2019, with the price still unknown, but I’m sure it won’t be cheap. It never stops amazing me just how much stuff present day manufacturer’s can cram in a metal box that’s not even that big, or the fact that they even come up with some of the things. I guess all for the sake of uniqueness and prestige.