Startup company Bollinger Motors isn’t shy about taking big steps in the world of innovation. In case you’ve been sleeping under a rock, the automotive industry is moving towards electric vehicles in attempts to eliminate greenhouse gasses.

Bollinger Motors is working hard at beating other manufacturers in bringing to the market, the world’s first all-electric SUV. With a fully redesigned website and updated social media channels, this New York-based automotive startup seeks to shake up the industry.

President and CEO of Bollinger Motors, Robert Bollinger:

As we continue to build momentum leading up to the reveal of our revolutionary vehicle later this year, these communication tools will be the primary outlets for us to share new updates and information

Bollinger Motors is not the only company trying to build an all-electric SUV. Ford has plans to build one for 2020 potentially at its Flat Rock plant in Michigan, Tesla, BMW, Audi are all on the list for introducing an all-electric SUV in the next couple of years.

Bollinger Motors All New Electric SUV

Much of our technological innovations comes from startups such as Bollinger Motors. It’s about making other people’s lives better through a focused thought process which can yield impressive results. As they come closer to their targeted release date, the new and improved website along with their social media outlets are going to become the primary means of communications for customers looking for vehicle updates

A key for Bollinger Motors is getting their product to the market first. The cornerstone material for the success will be getting all the vehicle components and dynamics just right.

They are developing a 100% electric medium-duty truck with on and off-road capabilities featuring an all-aluminium chassis with second to none ground clearance. They have already designed and engineered the suspension, gearboxes, brakes, cooling system, electric powertrain integrations and systems software.

The dual-motor electric powertrain means that delivering massive amounts of horsepower and torque to the AWD system results in zero emissions, making this all-electric SUV an incredibly environmentally friendly while off-roading.

It’s an exciting prospect to look forward to and certainly among the first of its kind. The prototype is in development at the the Catskill Mountains in upstate New York, which means this Sport Utility is American Made.

While more updates are coming, customers will want to know more about other details such as trim levels and high-end interior features. It seems as if Bollinger Motors is on track in producing the world’s first fully electric SUV in 2017.