I’m sure by now that all of your friends have told you about the recently unveiled Tesla Roadster. After that launch event, the entire media world went crazy about Elon Musk’s new roadster. Musk has long been a fan of fast cars, and during his early days after selling Zip2 in 1999, he bought the mighty McLaren F1.

Whether or not he still owns the F1, I don’t know? It doesn’t matter anyway because Elon has managed to bring forth the fastest cars on the planet via electrification.

The Tesla Model S, Model X, and Model 3 are all capable of delivering high-performance numbers matching some of the world’s best supercars.

Now, Tesla is taking things a step further and has delivered a vehicle that rivals the world’s best hyper-car hybrids such as the fantastic Porsche 918 Spyder and seemingly on par with the crazy Ferrari FXX K Evo.

The performance numbers being advertised at the masses are insane. Tesla claims its new roadster can hit 0-60 in a whopping 1.9 seconds, and 0-100 in 4.2 seconds.

All that, with an impressive estimated range of 620 mi with normal driving. As far as I can tell, this is the fastest production car ever made.

Those 0-60 times are in Formula 1 range for heaven’s sake. While I seriously doubt this car could compete against an F1 race car on the track, I’m interested in seeing the kind of G’s the Roadster can achieve?

Elon has managed to take electric cars to new heights over the past several years, and this latest addition to the company’s lineup is another notch underneath his belt.

Chevy, BMW, Toyota, Audi, and others have to be looking on with EV envy.

New Tesla Roadster

But how does it stack up against the competition? I know it seems the whole world is against non-electrics cars, but at TechMalak we are still big fans of the internal combustion engine and so are many of you.

The sound of a roaring eight-cylinder engine, the feel of a smooth free-flowing 6 or 7-speed manual, and even the fast up and downshifts of a dual clutch are what makes and links that connection between the driver, machine, and road.

The fastest 0-60 times or 60-0 times don’t always tell the story. You can have the fast car on the planet with the latest technological advancements underneath the sun.

If a car doesn’t connect you with the driving experience, it’s dead in my books.

I remember in the early and mid-90s when the “Ultimate Driving Machine” became etched into my brain. That marketing campaign is still one of the most memorable in recent history.

I’m not against electric vehicles by any means, and I think they are a great benefit to the environment, and wallet-friendly.

Would I own one? Absolutely!   There’s not a lot to hate about them, and the technology behind these cars are only getting better.

For me, it’s like having a laptop. I enjoy it because it gives me the freedom and portability my custom desktop computer doesn’t. But give me a desktop any day of the week over my notebook.

So I’m not willing to ditch traditional sports cars. They are still the dominant force on the roads, and automotive manufacturers have made these vehicles more efficient than ever before.

The Tesla Roadster looks like a masterpiece and seems worthy of respect. More so, because it gives you the performance of vehicles costing in the millions at a fraction of the price.

Stating at $200,000, this all-wheel-drive beast is an amazing deal, and it is the closest feeling to an F1 car most of us will experience.

And for that fact alone, this could very be the best car in the world for some folks. But for others, this might not be the case. Until some real-world tests are done, we won’t know that answer for sure.

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