It’s not even 2020, and there are leaks and rumors about the iPhone 12 Pro all over the place. The iPhone 12 Pro is rumored to be smaller, pack in a faster A14 chip, and come with a less-noticeable notch.

With the iPhone 11, 11 Pro and the 11 Pro Max exceeding everyone’s expectation, Apple has to work extra hard to keep the momentum strong.

The recent leaks and rumors of the iPhone 12 Pro suggest the tech giant is on track for another hit.

iPhone 12 Features At A Glance

  • 5.4-inch QHD+ OLED Panel
  • ProMotion Technology (120Hz refresh rate)
  • Smaller Notch
  • Triple-camera setup on the rear
  • A14 Bionic Chip
  • 128GB of Base Storage
  • 5G Connectivity

Smaller Notch To No Notch At All

iphone-12-pro-leaks-rumors-techmalakIt is too early to tell whether the iPhone 12 Pro will have a smaller notch or have no notch altogether. What we know for sure is that the 2020 iPhone will see a front-design revision for the first time in 3 years!

iPhone 12 Pro Camera

iphone-12-pro-leaks-rumorsThe iPhone 11 family was all about the camera.

Apple really put in a lot of effort to dethrone the Pixel phones as the best camera phones out there for 2019.

Not only that, all the iPhone 11 models captured exceptionally detailed 4K 60p videos.

With the iPhone 12 Pro, we aren’t expecting a major improvement in the image or the video quality.

The rumors suggest that the 2020 iPhone 12 Pro will feature the same set of three lenses on the back- telephone lens, wide-angle lens, and ultrawide angle lens.

However, there is also a chance of the addition of a Laser-powered Time of Flight (ToF) camera on the iPhone 12 Pro.

It is the same camera that is featured on the Galaxy Note 10+ which helps with AR and live depth mapping.

5nm Apple A14 SoCapple-a14-chip-iphone-12-pro

The iPhone 12 Pro will feature a 5nm chip that’s fabricated using TSMC’s N5 process. The new chip will have a better CPU and GPU performance while consuming less power, which is a blessing for a better battery life.

But this rumor of a 5nm chip may not turn out to be true as the quantity yield of the 5nm chip is still an uncertainty.

In addition to that, the 5nm process is supposedly going to cost Apple more money to manufacture, which could, in theory, raise the price of the next iPhone that much more.

So, at this point, it’s not clear whether the company will settle for the newer more efficient 5nm process or stick with the 7nm process to manufacture the SoC for the iPhone 12 Pro.

If Apple sticks with the latter, I bet the device will still feel snappy and fluid as it does with the current generation of iPhones.

5G Connectivity

When it comes to implementing new technologies, Apple is a brand that is always late to the party.

But when Apple actually implements a technology, all the other brands are bound to follow suit, because of how Apple refines its finished product.

The iPhone 12 Pro and the iPhone 12 Pro Max are rumored to be coming with 5G network support which should put the technology to mass adoption.

We expect the 5G network to grow substantially in 2020.

With Apple at the forefront, we can expect all the midrange phones and flagship phones to have 5G support by the beginning of 2021.

Apart from the aforementioned features, the iPhone 12 Pro and the 12 Pro Max will have a variable refresh rate panel.

The display will be able to automatically switch between 60Hz and 120Hz, which is a feature we already have on the iPad Pros, and it will be a great addition to the new iPhones.

We are more than half a year away from the actual launch of the iPhone 12 Pro.

It’s obvious that Apple itself hasn’t made all the decisions for the new 2020 iPhones.

As such, take the current leaks and rumors as a pinch of salt.