10-time champion Randy Pobst who has more than 70 professional wins, sits down with Mark Blackman of That Car Podcast and shares his pro driver experiences to the world in an unscripted podcast interview.

You have seen Randy as 2003, 2007, 2008 and 2010 WC GT Champion, the 2001 & 2006 Daytona 24-hr winner, The Racing Line and of course on Motor Trend, where he pushes cars to their limits.

On the podcast, Pobst shares his early experiences in motor sports and his passion for corners on a race track.

What I found among the most interesting of the podcast topics, was when Randy describes what he calls “the natural laws of passing.”

It is interesting how  Randy Pobst explains what it takes to become a professional pro racer. While drivers can learn up to 90 percent of essential skills to make it in the sport, the remaining 10 percent is only achieved by a few.

That 10 percent requires natural talent that can’t be taught at any driving school. There are some drivers like Randy, who just have that special sauce which puts him ahead of the pack.

An exciting podcast that highlights the best of Randy Pobst and his career, while also getting a glimpse inside of the man himself.

Just click the link to hear this episode on That Car Podcast in full, with one of the world’s greatest drivers