It is widely known that Netflix limits the content offered to its users based on their location. You may be paying the same amount of money as everyone else for your subscription, but if you don’t reside in the US, then you can’t freely watch all the TV shows and movies Netflix can offer. This is a treatment considered unfair by many, even if they make you agree to uneven terms of use.

There are, however, several ways these location-based restrictions can be bypassed and fortunately for inexperienced users, most of them are relatively easy to use. Perhaps the most widely known and most effective way to deal with these region blocks is by using what’s known as a Virtual Private Network, or VPN. Let’s discuss what they do and how this can help you access all the content from Netflix that’s unavailable in your region.


Virtual Private Networks are, as its name suggests it, networks of servers that serve as a bridge for internet connections. They take all your internet traffic and reroute it through one of these servers with two goals. The first one is to encrypt all data that comes and goes from your computer so that no one can intercept it and take advantage of it. The second is to fool the receiving end of the connection, be it Netflix or any other website, into thinking it is the VPN server that’s actually accessing them.

Most private VPN services have servers located all around the world, so if you choose to connect to a server located in the US and the VPN service provider you chose is good enough, then you’ll be able to browse Netflix as if you were residing in the United States of America. All you need to do is find the VPN service that suits your needs.

How to Use a VPN

Using a VPN is fairly straightforward. After you’ve purchased a subscription from one of the many providers available online, all you need to do is download the software they provide you with. This program should feature an intuitive interface to let you choose which country you want to connect to and a button to let you turn the VPN connection on and off.

You should pick carefully, though. Not all VPNs are good enough to fool Netflix since the streaming company is aware people are using VPNs to access their platform, and they are taking actions to prevent it. On top of this, some services lack essential qualities and will make your streaming experience worse than it is when using your regular internet access. We recommend you choose one in this list of VPN providers, which we consider to be among the best choices you can make:

With them, you’ll most definitely be able to access all of Netflix’s library without trouble. Just remember to switch them on before you log in.

Bram Jansen
Bram Jansen is an online privacy expert. He's been helping businesses secure their information online. When not working, Bram indulges in kayaking and mountain climbing.