Here are the first summer weeks with the initial dreams and hopes for a long and relaxing summer vacation. You look at the desk window and imagine palm trees and hammocks on a beach. Does this sound familiar? Many of us already think of the next holiday and picture its every detail. We already know that the best activities are spontaneous, and the best trips are planned. Below we will outline an easy and effective method to help you plan your summer vacation by using an accessible and efficient printable calendar.

We will assume that planning your summer vacation begins at home, instead of in the office for this article. Below you can find the key steps and aspects to consider when planning your vacation.

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Planning Your Vacation Plan

Before we begin, you should be aware that planning a holiday takes time. You will do some research, make calls, wait for responses and confirmations and much more. You will need to make at least an hour for research and vacation planning. So, begin by printing out a monthly paper calendar and finding when you’re available for research. Then, check calendar sheets and mark the day or afternoon as exclusive for your private activity.

Planning a vacation takes steps you will need to make, such as:

  • Check your budget;
  • Find a destination;
  • Find hotels and reserve a room;
  • Wait for confirmation from the hotel;
  • Find and book plane tickets for you and your family.

What To Consider Before Planning Your Summer Vacation

Th only paid holiday in July this years is July 4th, which is on a Monday. However, not all employers follow the entire paid vacation schedule. According to a study, the average employer offers nine paid holidays each year. This might include Independence Day, but you should have additional confirmation. Once you’ve figured out your availability, consider other aspects such as:

  • Birthdays, anniversaries and annual family traditions;
  • Children’s summer activities, contests, and events;
  • Fitness subscriptions or other events you might need to cancel.

Mark the above on your calendar to avoid planning a vacation when you should be at home.

July Vacation Planning With A Printable Calendar In 5 Steps

1.Find Your Vacation Objectives

There are three types of vacations that families usually chose between or mix. These lead you to the ideal destination for your objectives.

  • Relaxation: You might need a rest and plan to relax for most of the vacation. Resorts with beaches or mountain resorts are the most suitable for these goals.
  • Visiting: If you enjoy culture and learning information, then you might prepare for busy vacations. You can try city break or even country capitals from Europe.
  • Family time: You have a large family, and you plan to bond during your vacation. In this case, you might find mountain resorts, destinations near natural reservations, or cities with children touristic objectives for such a holiday.

2. Get Confirmations from Everyone

You have a partner and one or more children. Make sure to get confirmations from everyone and get them involved in the holiday planning process to make sure they are available. Time is of the essence, so you should consider announcing them as soon as you find potential holiday periods.

However, always have a backup period for your July holiday in case the first one might not be suitable for all your family members.

3. Consider Your Needs

You should keep your family’s needs in mind before reserving your hotel rooms. Make a shortlist of your vacation hotels and see if they provide you with necessary options. You might need a pet-friendly hotel, parking spot reservations, menus with offers for specific allergies or child-friendly rooms.

Think about all the aspects that could come difficult if they’re not in your hotel options. Then, find hotels based on these.

4. Update Everyone

Make sure all your family members are up-to-date with your vacation planning. Let them know if they need to go to the doctor for travel insurances or sign specific documents. By keeping them up to date, you will also involve them in the planning process.

However, make sure you only provide them access to edit the calendar. You need to manage the information complete. Therefore, you should notify your family of this aspect.

5. Tick Solved Tasks

Check the calendar regularly for reservations and tasks regarding the holiday plan. Make sure you tick everything as soon as it’s done. This way you won’t panic of a past deadline of a phone call or email that has already been settled.

You can even calculate available time based on the tasks you already performed and what you still need to do. Develop a ritual by checking the calendar in the morning and avoid being worried the entire day about potential to-dos.

To the Vacation


Go even further and mark dates for luggage and laundry washing in the calendar. The printable calendar is your reliable tool and should remain as such. By using it to the fullest, you will enjoy results without unnecessary worries.

Decorate your fridge or kitchen wall with a printable calendar and discover how many events you can plan by relying on your paper time schedule!