The software development industry is predicted to undergo major transformations in the upcoming year. According to recent reports, more developers will step out of their comfort zones. Rather than sticking to central IT departments, developers will use their skills to deploy software for customers. Industry leaders also expect more software development teams to adopt DevOps solutions. Low-code products will make a bigger appearance during the new year as well. All of these future trends show how far the industry has come over the last ten years. We can better understand the future by learning how software development has changed within the last decade.

Automated Development Processes

automated development process

Over the past ten or so years, the software development industry started automating their processes. Developers no longer implement HTTP servers or create basic REST APIs. You do not need to connect your HTTP server to the application you are using either. Before you even think about completing these tasks, they are already done for you. This automation has drastically improved software development processes over the years. Teams now complete projects at impressively fast rates. Automation also minimizes the number of errors that occur during projects. Moreover, the demand for developers continues to rise because of automation. Rather than taking over your role as a developer, automation technologies simplify it. Human interaction still plays a significant role in the industry despite this recent change. 

The Adoption Of Containers

docker container

Moreover, the industry adopted containers within the last decade. Containerization became popular after virtualization impacted software development. In the past, it took teams months to deploy servers. Virtual machines allow developers to deploy servers in a matter of minutes. After the rise of virtualization, teams began to use containers to improve their environments further. Containers package external dependencies for applications. You can use a single container within a variety of platforms, which boosts productivity. When you use a private container registry, you also improve your security. Private registries allow you to control who can access specific images. Hence, containers have dramatically improved the industry in terms of speed and security. 

Cloud Computing Services For Storage

cloud computing examples

The software development industry also transformed over the last decade due to cloud computing services. Developers now use cloud technologies to store their files safely. Of course, they value these advanced technologies because of their security features and ability to scale with teams. Wise developers understand the demand for cloud software solutions in the business. In order to capitalize on the trend, development teams are taking new approaches. The latest cloud computing services forced teams to take a deeper look at how applications should run. Today’s successful developers now include features such as security and scalability in their own software. This is yet another way that the industry has advanced. 

DevOps Practices And Principles

devops agile

Many developers also implemented DevOps practices and principles over the last decade. This new methodology revolves around development and operations. It aims to combine the two terms together to create a simpler, more effective process. DevOps principles include the automation of processes and measurement of KPIs. Developers practice continuous deployment and monitoring as a result of the new mindset. Moreover, developers have taken on new roles since the rise of DevOps. In previous years, developers’ main duties included building and architect work. Now, you need to release and push applications to production as well. This shift occurred as a result of DevOps. The new way of thinking has changed the software development environment within the last 10 years or so. 

The Rise Of Blockchain Development

blockchain development


Furthermore, blockchain drastically altered the software development industry throughout the past decade. Companies in finance, healthcare and real estate all gained a new-found fascination with blockchain. Businesses need blockchain software developers to improve their banking record storage. The new technology also accelerates money transfers, making it even more valuable to businesses across the board. Since blockchain technology offers an array of benefits that all industries can advance from, blockchain developers are in high demand. This has been a major change for the software development industry over the years.

As you await the future of software development, consider the past. Within just ten years, the industry has transformed into a constantly evolving market. Now, developers automate several processes to improve production times. Cloud computing services forced teams to approach projects in different ways. Additionally, containerization took the industry by storm. Most teams also use DevOps practices and principles to boost workflows. Finally, blockchain technologies created a surprisingly high demand for specialized developers. Keep these recent software development changes in mind as you watch the industry continue to grow.