Well after all that waiting and hype, we finally got to see the unveiling of the Samsung Galaxy Note 9, at the unpacked event which streamed live for all the world to see. Thanks to all the leaks over the past several months, there wasn’t much to surprise us with the device.

Where we got treated to some tasties, where the introduction of Samsung’s version of an Amazon Alexa type device with 360 audio, improved Bixby features and a cool new Galaxy smartwatch.

All of which seem like substantial additions to the company’s portfolio of products which ranges from fridges to TVs. Not bad for an organization that began life in the 30s as a trading company.

The new Galaxy Note is bold, big, and brash. More of a refinement than anything innovative.

With options of either 128 GB or 512 GB of storage,  and 6 GB, and 8 GB of RAM respectively, it’s clear this is a real multimedia device.

Backed by a massive 4,000mAh battery with improved S-pen features there’s a lot to like here.

Partnering with Spotify is a smart move, and the exclusive collaboration with Fortnite is sure to bring in much-needed sales.

The Samsung Galaxy Note 9

Alternatives To The Samsung Galaxy Note 9

But is this device enough to put a dent in sales against the upcoming trio of iPhones? Probably not.

It’s easier to find an Android device the fits your needs. Want something with pure Android? There are options for that.

Want a camera-centric device, get the Huawei P20 pro or Google Pixel 2.

Want the experience of a physical keyboard? There’s the Blackberry Key2.

Android has a flavor to suit almost any need across many unique devices.

Not so with iOS. If you want that experience, you need an iPhone, and there is only one manufacturer that creates them, and that’s Apple.

Users are further drawn into the ecosystem through the iPad, iMac, and MacBook line of devices, which makes switching to another OS a bit trickier.

To Samsung’s credit, they are attempting to build upon their unique ecosystem through their smartwatches, home speakers, and VR headsets. I think it is a smart move on their part.

What I think will be hard to stomach, is the asking price of the 128 GB Note 9 at $999 USD/ $1,379.99 CAD.

The 512 GB variant comes in at a whopping $1,249 USD. And there is an option for expandable storage of up to 512 GB.

I do not see pricing for the 512 GB Note from the major Canadian carriers as of this writing, but buyers can expect to pay around $1,631 CAD when both variants become available August 24th.

Price is the only thing that might turn off a few potential buyers as this is the most expensive phone Samsung has ever produced.

Regardless of your thoughts, Samsung introduced the world to a solid smartphone with enough features to satisfy even the most hardcore enthusiasts.