The Lexip gaming mouse is probably like nothing that you have seen when it comes to PC peripherals. It features a premium design with 3D usability that’s meant to fit a variety of applications beyond PC games.

An amazing aspect of this mice is that there are two joysticks housed in a single unit which seeks to provide a computing experience like none other.

The first joystick sits within the body of the mouse itself, and according to the manufacturer, it works by tilting the shell in a 3D motion, capable of sending some 300,000 joystick positions to the CPU.

Although I have yet to try Lexip, it certainly looks like a game changer at this point. The second joystick sits near the resting place of your right thumb.

It’s best described as an analog stick akin to those found on a gamepad or flight stick for a drone.

It’s a smart replacement for those arcade style flight joysticks found in flight simulators games.

Mouse Grip Type

There are a ton of computer mice on the market designed to fit a variety of mouse grip types for certain games and applications.

  • Palm Grip
  • Claw Grip
  • Fingertip Grip

Designing the perfect product without compromises to suit everyone is an impossible task at the least.

That’s why there are so many variations made by different companies, all trying to please a particular client base.

Lexip, doesn’t skimp on the things that matter the most when it comes to a gaming mouse.

Lexip Sensor

Besides the ergonomics, arguably the most important feature to look for is the type of sensor being used.

Far from the typical dollar store variety, the Lexip is using the Pixart ADNS-9800 laser gaming sensor which include programmable frame rate, and resolution to suit the majority of applications.

While the PMW3360DM sensor might be a more desirable option for enthusiasts, it’s a safe bet that most people will be more than satisfied with the 9800.

Equipped with RBG lighting in a somewhat minimalist fashion and the ability to customize the button layout through software, the Lexip looks like a promising product.

Entering into mass production doesn’t come cheap, and that’s why there is a need for crowdfunding.

This project in just into its first part of the funding process and has already far surpassed its financial target as of this writing.

Built for gamers, designers, office, and home users, the Lexip gaming mouse might potentially find itself near the top of the pack among the industry heavyweights of the PC accessories world.